Where Can You Eat At Rutgers New Brunswick That Isn't Honeygrow or Panera?

Why go to Brower when you can pay for an edible meal at Panera, right? But eventually, you’ll get sick of your constant Panera lunch every day. Here are a few restaurants to check out when you feel the need to try something different!

Hansel ‘n Griddle Source

Pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, fries, smoothies, what more could you want? I think Hansel ‘n Griddle serves practically every food known to man! If you can’t decide on a place to eat besides Panera, give Hansel ‘n Griddle a shot: you won’t be disappointed. There’s something for everyone here!

Ramen Nagomi     Source

My personal favorite! If you’re a lover of ramen, how have you not tried this restaurant yet in New Brunswick? It’s a must! A small, underground restaurant perfect for you and your friends to unwind from the stress of college life. It’s certainly on the pricier side, so consider it a little treat. Perfect spot in the winter, too!

Mamoun’s Falafel Source

Who doesn’t love falafel and hummus? This restaurant is a staple! Shout out to my vegetarian friend who introduced me to Mamoun’s! Make sure to order falafel at least once from Mamoun’s: it’s to die for! With a side of creamy tzatziki sauce, this a perfect meal to go.

Caffe Bene Source

Are you looking for a place to eat your lunch and study? Definitely check out Caffe Bene! Caffe Bene is nowhere near your typical Starbucks- from bubble tea to thick French toast and crisp waffles, this is the coffee shop to be if you’re looking to treat yourself with a sugary sweet meal. (Check out the upstairs, too! It’s a perfect location to study, if you need a change of scenery from the Alex library!)


Trust me: Tacoria is hands down way better than taco night at Brower. If you’re a Chipotle or Qdoba lover, I know you’ll love Tacoria, too. Burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, what more could you want? There’s even a vegan menu!

Fritz’s Source

Fritz’s is the perfect sandwich shop for a quick lunch fix during the day! Whether you’re craving a buffalo chicken or a B.L.T. sandwich, Fritz’s is a neat little sandwich shop to give a try. There’s even a bakery if you want a sugary fix!

Hidden Grounds Coffee Source

Similar to Caffe Bene, Hidden Grounds is the coffee shop to go to if you’re sick of drinking your typical Starbucks for lunch. It’s great for studying, too! Enjoy a nice, non-Starbucks cappuccino while you cram for finals! (With maybe a pastry on the side!)

There are so many unique food options beyond campus which I’m positive you and your friends will enjoy! Definitely take the time while you can as a student to explore downtown, especially the strip on Easton Ave, and enjoy a nice, refreshing change from your typical meal