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With spring approaching, new trends are emerging with the season! After a long winter, the new, exciting fashion and beauty trends remind us that warmer weather is on the way. Here are some trends you should be expecting to see grow popular in spring 2023! Maybe you’ll even try out some of these trends yourself! 

Glowy Makeup

Over the past year glowy, dewy makeup products have become extremely popular. Dewey makeup is a perfect look for spring or summer because it gives the face some color and a fresh healthy glow. So many popular beauty brands such as Saie beauty, Tower 28, and Milk Makeup have recently released viral glowy makeup products perfectly in time as we enter the spring season. If you’re interested in trying out the glowy look, get yourself a glowy sunscreen such as SuperGoop to keep your skin protected and looking beautiful! Saie Beauty, SuperGoop!, Milk Makeup & Tower 28 are all on sale at Sephora.

Colorful blazers

This past fall, blazers became a popular way to spice up an outfit. Blazers help to elevate a casual outfit and make it a little fancier or more professional! Stores such as H&M were stocked up on neutral-colored blazers throughout the fall and winter months, but as the spring season approaches, bright pink, blue, orange, and other bold-colored blazers have replaced them! Spring can still be chilly, so replacing a winter coat with a blazer is the perfect way to stay warm and fashionable.


Headbands used to be solely a way for people to keep their hair out of their faces, but they have recently become cute accessories. A cute, thick plain headband can go with practically any outfit, but it also keeps your hair out of your face! If you’re having a bad hair day this spring, try putting on a headband, and watch the magic happen! Headbands are available at most clothing stores, and you can purchase packs of them for cheap on Amazon!

Maxi Skirts

A long maxi skirt is an elegant and comfortable option to pair with almost any top! Maxi skirts are a perfect way to dress up any outfit, compared to jeans or leggings. As the weather gets warmer, wearing long pants can get hot and uncomfortable. Therefore, maxi skirts are a great option when you want to be stylish but comfortable.

Neutral nails

Nail trends over the years have changed rapidly. For the last several years, fun designs and bright colors have been the most popular spring nail trends. However, neutral-colored nails have emerged as a recent trend and have been a great way to match your nails to any outfit! Earthy colors such as white, brown, light pink, sage green, etc. are some perfect color options for pretty neutral nails this spring! If you’re looking for some nail inspo, look to Pinterest for inspiration for your next manicure!

Matching workout sets

When you look good, you feel good! Matching workout sets will help you feel more motivated to work out! A bright colored sports bras and leggings have been growing very popular this past year and will continue to get even more popular going into the spring and summer months. If you’re struggling with getting motivated to go to the gym, buy yourself a fun workout set! Amazon sells so many colorful workout sets for an affordable price.  

Spring 2023 is starting off on a great note with so many fun, new trends. Hopefully, this article gave you some spring fashion or beauty inspiration to help you revamp yourself and feel optimistic going into the new season!

Shelby is a current junior at Rutgers University-New Brunswick Majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Gender and Media & Sociology. Shelby enjoys reading and writing and all things wellness and beauty!