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What You Can Do If You Don’t Celebrate Halloween

The 31st of October can be a dreaded day for many. Not everyone celebrates the universally popular holiday. I, myself, am one of those people. If you’re anything like me, when Halloween comes around you struggle to figure out what to do. Here are some options that may spark an interest.

1. Celebrate the Season

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Instead of decorating your space in cobwebs and spiders, try decorating your space with fall-themed items. Pumpkins, leaves and anything brown and/or orange and cute works!! Pinterest some fun fall DIY activities to make the experience and outcome simply unique.

2. Throw a Non-Halloween Party

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Invite some friends and family over for a non-Halloween party!! You can have all of the same elements (food, drinks, music, and fun) while still having a memorable time! Feel free to swap out the costume tradition of a Halloween party to a fall colored theme. In other words, have everyone come out in orange, brown, yellow and earthy green instead of scary or sexual outfits. End the night with a toasty bonfire! It’d also be a great opportunity to make some s’mores.

3. Bonding Night

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Close your blinds, hang a “no candy here” sign on the door on the outside and invite some friends, family or a significant other for a night in! Buy some groceries and create a yummy homemade meal together. This’ll be a fantastic opportunity to try that new recipe you found online the other day! Here’s a super delicious pumpkin gratin with parmesan and sage recipe. Throw on a movie and just chill. Don’t forget to pick up some candy as well for a sweet dessert treat.

4. Me Time

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One of the things I always have to get creative with is “me time”. With class responsibilities, organizational duties, work, and overall life constantly pulling and tugging you, it can be hard to just sit down and relax, alone. Close the books, throw on that show you’ve always wanted to binge or pull out the book you’ve always wanted to finish. You can also use this time to reach out to some family and friends you have not spoken to in a while. Put together some snacks or order some takeaway. Grab that cozy blanket, cuddle up on the couch (or bed) and enjoy your time. You can also use the time to paint your nails or do some other self-care activities. Remember, me time is as important as any other time.


These are all some fun and decently inexpensive alternatives to a traditional Halloween celebration. Halloween may not be for everyone, but there’s always something for everyone to do!

Stephanie is double majoring in Latino & Caribbean Studies and Labour Studies at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. On her free time she enjoys volunteering, running her nonprofit and hanging out with friends. Stephanie intends on becoming a civil rights attorney!
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