What’s your Winter Skincare Routine?

Winter is officially coming. Christmas is right around the corner, but that also means the weather is becoming dry and cold. Are you ready to protect your skin in this extreme weather? If you are not, then follow me and learn some women's skincare tips to make sure you have beautiful healthy skin - even in winter!


  1. 1.  Make sure to choose the skincare products suitable for you

    Different people have different skin types (normal, dry, oily and combination). Make sure you know what your skin type is and choose the right products. Some people’s skin are very sensitive, so if that is the case for you, make sure to choose lotions specifically for sensitive skin only to avoid getting allergies. Don’t blindly follow the trendy popular skincare products or the suggestions of makeup YouTubers. They may not be the most suitable for you!

  2. 2. Use lotion every day before going out

    After choosing your skincare, then how do you use it? The four things we should use often are face wash (it cleans your skin and pores), toner (it adds a layer of protection and acts like a moisturizer), emulsions (they're formulated to act as a moisture lock that seals in all the hydration and benefits of your essence and serums) and cream (it locks the moisture). If you don’t have all of them, the two most basic and important skincare products are face wash and cream, so using just those two is also fine.

    The wind these days in New Jersey can be crazy. If your face hurts in the wind, that means that your face cream is not thick enough, so maybe you should change to another cream that is thicker for this winter. Before you sleep, wash your face carefully and then put on lotion. After you get up, wash your face again and put on more lotion. If you do makeup, put on makeup after your skincare routine and make sure to remove it carefully when you are back home. Makeup removing is also a very important process for skincare success. If you don’t clean your make up off completely every day then it hurts your skin. If you have acne or pimples, you can use certain ointments specifically for that.

  3. 3. Do I need to use a face mask?

    It depends on your personal skin. But, I think it’s better if you use some masks in winter because the air is very dry, and masks can help moisturize your skin quickly. There are many kinds of different masks, like wash-off and cotton sheet masks. They usually have different functions for your skin such as deep cleansing, moisturizing, and whitening (usually found in Asian skincare products). You can choose the mask according to your needs. My little tip here is that after using a cleansing mask, it’s better to use a moisturizing mask, because it can protect your skin from getting dry. And after using the mask, put on lotion.

  4. 4. Additional body parts to take care of

    Taking care of your skin does not only mean taking care of your face but also considering other body parts, especially in winter, such as lips, eyes, hands, feet, and legs. Bring your lip balm and hand cream out with you every day. Use them often, especially after washing your hands or eating. You can also use body lotion or body cream after taking a shower, because it keeps your legs moist and smooth. If the skin on your legs is too dry it hurts at some points, I've experienced that before and it’s not fun. You can also use eye cream for the skin around your eyes. The skin around our eyes is very thin and weak, so it’s better not to use the same lotion used for the rest of your face for eye skin. Choose a cream only for the eyes. If you care even more about your skin, you can also purchase some masks like a eye mask, lip mask, hand mask and foot mask (YES they exist)!

  5. 5. Other tips

    Besides using the correct skincare products in the correct ways, remember to drink enough water and eat vegetables and fruit every day. That’s also very important for your skin! If you don’t have time for eating vegetables and fruit, then make sure you are taking vitamin pills, especially vitamin C. It can also help prevent flu symptoms in the winter. Finally, get enough sleep and exercise often. Having a healthy lifestyle is the best way to get healthy skin.

*PS: Here is my personal skincare routine and the products I use (my skin type is normal and T-zone oily).

Wash face (Innisfree face wash) —> Apply pore clearing clay mask (Kiehl’s Pore clearing clay mask) —> Moisturizing mask sheet (Jayjun) —> balancing toner (Innisfree) —> balancing emulsion (Innisfree) —> eye cream (Innisfree) —> balancing cream (Innisfree)—> hand cream (L’occitane) —> lip balm (L’occitane) —> body lotion (L’occitane). For acne or pimples: (Thursday Plantation).

I know it’s a lot of work here, but when it becomes a part of your life and your daily habit it won’t be this hard! Let’s get beautiful skin together!