We're Thankful for Brands We Love That Love to Give Back

While Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have, the very next day is about shopping until you drop and getting as many items on sale as you can. Fortunately, many beauty and fashion brands continue the Thanksgiving spirit of thankfulness and giving back so you can splurge without feeling guilty. Below are some brands that do good by either donating a portion of proceeds to charitable causes or using more environmentally friendly materials:



Not only does TOMS sell cute shoes and accessories, but every purchase also helps people in need. With their “One for One” model, TOMS donates a pair of shoes for every pair a customer purchases. They’ve even expanded “One for One” to provide people with eye treatment for eyewear purchases, water for coffee bag purchases, and the tools needed for a safe birth for bag purchases.



H&M does double duty; the brand both gives back and is using more sustainable materials for its clothing. Every year during the holiday season, the H&M Foundation chooses an organization to donate its proceeds to from gift card purchases. In 2016 H&M supported UNHCR to help provide education to refugee children, and in 2017 H&M partnered with UNICEF to help children with disabilities. On top of that, H&M also has a conscious collection with garments made from organic materials.



If you don’t know the brand Tatcha by now, it’s a trending line of Japanese-inspired skincare products based on the beauty rituals of geishas. Tatcha is one of my personal favorite beauty brands, especially when I found out they also donate money to the Room to Read’s Education program for girls in Asia and Africa for every full-size luxury purchase. Definitely try one of their products for beauty on the outside and the inside.

Article 22

This brand is more underground, but Article 22 sells bracelets created with bombs from the Vietnam War. What’s unique is that the purchase of each bracelet results in an un-detonated bomb being safely de-mined from land in Laos. There are over 80 million bombs that failed to detonate in the country, so this is a way to raise awareness towards an issue that most people haven’t considered.

Ivory Ella

Elephants are an endangered species, and Ivory Ella aims to save them by dedicating 10% of their profits to the international organization “Save the Elephants”. They sell really cute shirts and sweaters with elephants on them, so it’s even better that they give back to these animals!

Keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends is important, but so is knowing what your money is going towards. This Black Friday, I encourage you to steal some deals but also support these brands that give back to the world around them.