Wear Your Pride: Pride Essentials For Your Closet

It’s GAYPRIL here at Rutgers! “GAYPRIL” is the month to celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Bisexual, and Queer+ community during the month of April. Many college campuses around the country come together to join in the celebration of GAYPRIL to host events to promote awareness of the LGBTQ+ community. (Here’s a breakdown of all the events happening at Rutgers for GAYPRIL 2019.) If you plan on attending pride events at your university, happening around the country, or just feel like showing off some pride, check out details below for essentials you can wear to pride events.

  1. 1. Rainbow Leggings

    You can match these rainbow leggings with a cute black crop top or a white top. Paired with bold red boots, this outfit is bound to help you stand out. If you want to go for a more relaxed vibe, you can pair the rainbow leggings with a black top and black converse.

  2. For an easy DIY pride outfit, wear the flag! This is great outfit idea for someone on a budget with little time on their hands. You can easily show off your pride and express freedom by wrapping the flag around you.

  3. 3. Rainbow Tee

    Pair denim shorts with a white pride tee and rainbow converse for a comfortable look. The denim shorts can also be replaced with denim pants or black pants. A white tee is always a classic look, so you can’t go wrong with a white pride tee! If you’d like to go for a bolder look, you can pair this tee with a solid, rainbow colored bottom (yellow skirt, maybe?). This white tee can also be an essential for an everyday outfit.

  4. 4. Pride Denim Jacket

    Talk about a vintage look! Not only will this denim jacket help you show off your pride, it’ll keep you warm if the weather isn’t cooperating. A denim jacket is a classic piece for a vintage look. The pride denim jacket can be worn over any outfit for an overt expression of your pride. The denim jacket is another staple that can not only be worn to a pride event, but also worn daily.

  5. 5. Rainbow Converse

    For the perfect knot to tie together your outfit, grab a pair of rainbow converse. Rainbow converse are guaranteed to match any pride day event while keeping you comfortable. If you are wearing this in your day-to-day life, your rainbow converse will not only attract attention but may also act as a conversation starter.

Wear your pride this GAYPRIL (and whenever you want). Clothing is one of the best ways to express creative freedom and opinions. Your style is unique--it is composed of your beliefs, your ideas, your culture, your freedom. If you are looking to show off some pride, perhaps indulge yourself in some of the above mentioned essentials for your closet.