Watch These How I Met Your Mother Episodes Before They Leave Netflix

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If you haven’t heard the news already, Netflix is officially removing all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother on November 13th. While you won’t be able to watch every episode before it leaves (but props to you if you try), here are a few highlights. Get ready for a marathon that’s going to be legen ~ wait for it ~ dary!

1. Season 1 – Pilot

The one that started it all.

2. Season 1 – The Pineapple Incident

Best Line: “Dammit, Trudy, what about the pineapple?” - Marshall

3. Season 2 – Slap Bet

This episode introduced both the Slap Bet AND Robin Sparkles and that’s all that needs to be said.

4. Season 2 – Arrivederci, Fierro

One of the first introductions to the gang’s early years where a college-aged Ted says things like, “First of all, my parents live in Ohio. I live in the moment.”

5. Something Borrowed/Something Blue

This episode technically counts as two, but you can’t watch only one episode of Marshall and Lily’s wedding.

6. Season 3 – How I Met Everyone Else

Throughout the first seasons, we vaguely knew how most of the gang had met, but Barney’s introduction had remained a mystery until this episode.

7. Season 3 – Slapsgiving

No holiday is complete without some drama, and Marshal’s persistent reminders of the slap bet with Barney will keep you laughing throughout the episode.

8. Season 4 – Three Days of Snow

How I Met Your Mother was at its best when it could mix a funny storyline, such as Ted and Barney attempting to run a bar, with something more serious and in this case even sweet, with Marshall and Lily struggling to uphold an airport tradition.

9. Season 4 – The Leap

Because Ted’s ending monologue here is one of his best and even hints at when he meets the mother.

10. Season 5 – Girls vs Suits

The show’s 100th episode allowed Neil Patrick Harris to show off his musical chops with a catchy number dedicated to Barney’s love of suits.

11. Season 6 – Bad News

Easily one of the saddest episodes of the entire show due to its emotional ending. This episode also counts down from the number 50 through props until the devastating reveal, so keep an eye on the backgrounds of scenes.

12. Season 7 – Symphony of Illumination

Because at one point we might have wished to have a friend who would turn an entire apartment into a Christmas lights display just to cheer us up (even if Robin and Ted’s friendship was always a little more than that).

13. Season 7 – Tick Tick Tick

Another example of the show combining funny and serious storylines. If you were skeptical of Barney really being able to fall in love with Robin at this point, then this episode could change your mind.

14. Season 8 – The Time Travelers

This episode gave us everything you’d come to expect from a good episode by the second to last season; a competition storyline, a song from Barney, and an emotional ending speech from Ted.

15. Season 9 – How Your Mother Met Me

The show made us wait until the last season to even introduce the mother, and it wasn’t until this episode that viewers really got a chance to get to know Tracy. That being said, it did not disappoint.  

16. Season 9 – Last Forever

Is this episode truly the best way to end the series? That may be debatable, but it’s still a must watch.

And if you’re still torn up over how the show ended, head over to YouTube and watch the alternate ending!