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Vianney Ausseil ’12

Year: 2012
Major: Political Science
Spotted: Brower Commons
Favorite Food: Ratatouille and Paella
Hometown: Perpignan, France
Where were you before Rutgers? I was a transfer student to Rutgers.  I went  to Euromed School of Management in Marseille.
What is your inspiration?: talented people, people with disabilities
What do you look for in a girl?  I want a girl to be able to keep up with me, someone who is real, not worried about what she looks like, knows what she wants and is comfortable in her own skin.
Where do you find yourself after graduation?  I plan to apply to law school.
What are you favorite artists? Bob Marley and Pat Metheny.
What is the first song you want to hear when you wake up? Juicy by Notorious b.i.g.
How are you involved on campus?  I am on Shine Time Radio on The Core.  Tune into 90.3 FM to listen or www.thecore.fm.
What made you interested in radio? I love to talk to people and love making people smile.

Olivia is an editorial assistant at The Record, New Jersey’s second largest daily newspaper and contributing writer for GoKicker.com. She’s a former BBC Travel intern and a proud Rutgers alum. She studied journalism, media studies, and English at Rutgers, where she was managing editor of the daily student newspaper and founding Campus Correspondent of HerCampus.com/Rutgers . She was also on the rowing and triathlon teams. Dogs, summer, and DIY projects are up there on the list of her much-loved things in life. Follow: @OlivePretzel.
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