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Top Websites to Check at Rutgers

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Here are some top websites you should always be checking when you attend Rutgers!



RUPA stands for Rutgers University Programming Association. They host many events weekly, so if you don’t already follow them on Facebook, make sure to check their website!


2. Rutgers Cinema

If you like to watch the newest movies but not spend over $10, keep an eye out for our own Rutgers Cinema! They have the most recent showings in high quality theaters. Listed below are prices for students and non-students! You can bring your friends (they can use the student discount, too) or your family. There is a lot behind Livingston Apartments C for parking if you do not have a parking pass (Lot 112A).

3. Rutgers Fitness Classes

If you are new or have been living under a rock, Rutgers offers free fitness classes for students! Definitely check this website and find a class near you to attend and sweat the stress away!


4. CareerKnight

Whether you are looking for an internship or a job, CareerKnight is a private website for Rutgers affiliates to find postings. You can post your resume on your profile and directly apply to some jobs.


5. MyRutgersPortal

Don’t know how to navigate your way around campus sites? MyRutgersPortal can help you there. Whether you are trying to check school emails, find links to different sites, set up direct deposit, or even check your final exam schedule, MyRutgersPortal has it all covered.


6. Rutgers GetInvolved

Information about clubs and organizations are hard to find when you aren’t hooked up to their social media. However, the Rutgers GetInvolved site can really help find out general information about organizations prior to even attending any meetings! Information provided on the site includes, but is not limited to: when the next general meeting is being held, the goals an organization plans to achieve for the semester, and even extra documents regarding club values and pitches.


7. ScarletMenus

Hungry but can’t afford to spend too much money on food? Or not sure what is in the area that can satisfy your midnight cravings? ScarletMenus has you covered there! Many places all around campus use ScarletMenus to deliver food to students and if you sign up for their emails, they will let you know all about their discounts and promotions. And, a little piece of advice, the best time to check the site is during finals as that’s when the best deals come around.


8. Rutgers Learning Center

Struggling in a class? You can find one on one tutoring, group tutoring, and study groups at the nearest learning center near you! Located on all campuses, just check the website beforehand!

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