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Donald Trump vs. US Justice System

On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, our country was at the forefront of another terrorist attack just one month after the Las Vegas Shooting. A man rented a truck and drove it into pedestrians just blocks short of the World Trade Center. This attack led to the death of eight people, including a Rutgers graduate. Eight people who planned on going home to their loved ones and have yet another ordinary day, unfortunately, did not.

It is no surprise that Donald Trump took to the media during a White House meeting to say something egregious yet again. Stating that the U.S justice system is a “laughing stock”. Demanding a time of change within our justice system and wanting this idea of quick justice with harsher punishments. Trump even stated, "Torture works.”, wanting the most recent terrorist to be placed in the prison camp, Guantanamo Bay located in Cuba.


Google Docs locked out some users this past week sending the tech world into a frenzy. When Google users logged into Google Docs they found themselves locked out and unable to collaborate on their documents. Certain Google accounts were classified as abusive, causing Google to lock the files. Turns out, there was nothing actually wrong with the files but instead a technical problem within Google. Now, we can all breathe again and go back to using Google Docs.

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New Emojis

Everyone loves emojis, so much so that there was a movie created in honor of them!! Let’s face it, emojis are there when our words are not. With the new IOS11 update comes even more emojis. It's okay- get excited! We’re also pretty excited as well. It’s time to update your phone and unlock all the new emojis. Some emojis that have been added are mermaids, woman breastfeeding, zombies, emojis that are throwing up, brain, and a pretzel to name a few.​

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Did you ever have an I-Dog? A robot dog that was made specifically for your entertainment as a child. The I-Dog was made to play music and had different color LED lights that would glow on its head. A perfect combination for a party in your room with friends or even by yourself! Sadly, the I-Dog is being replaced with an even more expensive robot dog, Aibo. Sony launched Aibo this week and priced it at $1,700. This little robotic pup will cost as much as a laptop or camera. Aibo can take pictures, store information into the cloud, record its experiences through its perspective, and this later allows the owner to go back and view it in an app. How cool is that? To top it all off, Aibo responds to your voice and can even react to it.