Things to Do When you Feel Overwhelmed

There comes a point in every semester that everyone feels stressed out. Between exams, papers, and buses, you may find your stress levels rising every day. Add work, finances, and friends and you are well on your way to feeling overwhelmed. It’s important to take some time for yourself if you are feeling this way.


Here are things to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed:


1. Watch a fun or relaxing YouTube video.

When I need a study break (or just a break from my busy schedule), I usually watch a short YouTube video to focus on something else for a few minutes. One of my favorites is this video of a road trip through Norway because it is so calming and takes me out of my head for 4 minutes.


2. Finish a responsibility know you can finish in a short amount of time

It might be a reflection paper, responding to that email you’ve been avoiding, or even finally making that doctor’s appointment. Finishing one small piece of work can make you feel so much better. You might even feel like everything is more manageable with one thing crossed off your to do list.


3. Find a study buddy

Sitting in the library for hours on end might not be appealing but getting work done with a friend can make it slightly less terrible. Sit down with a friend or significant other and hold each other accountable for getting some work done.


4. Try a craft

Scour the internet for an easy craft you can do with the supplies you have. Coloring is always a good break and there are plenty of pages you can download from the internet. Try these. You could also try sewing or embroidery if you have supplies or are willing to invest a little!


5. Make a to do list or a schedule

Not only will crossing things off your list make you feel accomplished, writing down what you have to do can make them seem less daunting. Even if your list is long you’d be surprised at how quickly you can start crossing things off.


6. Clean your room or desk

A cluttered room or desk actually makes it harder to get work done. Put on some music and clean. Not only will it help keep your mind off the things you’re stressing about but it will make it easier to actually get work done later!


So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and try one of our suggestions. They really help us when we are feeling stressed, and we hope they help you.


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