Things To Do This Summer If You Don't Have an Internship

Not everyone has an internship for the summer, and that's totally fine! Here are some ideas about how to have an enjoyable summer without one!


Animal shelters, soup kitchens, non-profit organizations, there’s always a need for volunteers. You can do some good work and still have something to put on your resume. It’ll prove to potential employers that you didn’t just lump around all summer.



Make some money while you can! Not all internships are paid so if you don’t have one, make the most of all your free time and get a job. Then, when you finally get that unpaid internship you won’t be down to your last dollar because of all the money you saved up this summer!


Learn a new skill

Make yourself more attractive to future employers and learn something new! There are plenty of free online resources to teach you basic programming skills. No matter what your major is, skills like that make you stand out!


All photos courtesy of Pexels.