These Women Show You That It’s Possible to be Muslim, AND a Fashionista!

Who says Muslims can’t be body positive? As a Muslim woman, I have heard ignorant remarks about how Muslim women choose to dress, such as women who wear the hijab have “body shame.” I would like to dispel such statements in this article, which I will review five Muslim Instagrammers who show off their style and reflect body positivity in their photos.

  1. Reehanna is a stunning Muslim influencer who is known for her makeup reviews and Desi-style fashion. She belongs to the South Asian diaspora, and proudly shows it. You can see her wearing both Western styles, and South Asian attire. What I like about her is how unafraid she is of choosing to wear the hijab on some days, and showing off her hair on others. I believe Reehanna is paving the way for Muslims on Instagram to be proud of their identities.

  2. A fellow Jersey Girl, Maahum is a high school senior ready for the big leagues. When I first met her at the mosque, I was captivated by the way she wrapped her hijab. What’s even more captivating is how she dresses in Goth fashion that is Islamically appropriate. A lover of rock bands and memes, Maahum is the Instagrammer to go to when you need a gothic laugh.

  3. With hundreds of thousands of followers, Sabina is an Instagrammer and a YouTuber who is known for her makeup tutorials and modeling photos. She makes tutorials for the hijab-wearing fashionista, and keeps modesty and style in check. With such a large following, she gives back to her fans by having giveaways. As a finalist in the Shorty Awards for Beauty, Sabina has been profiled by editorial magazines such as Elle, Allure, and Teen Vogue.

  4. Saufeeya Bint Goodson hails from Dubai, with her looks known around the globe. She also has hundreds of thousands of followers, and for a good reason. Her conservative approach to fashion is one shared by many. For women who prefer to cover more, her outfits pack a punch. When she walks, her long, flowing dresses flow behind her, as do her long, flowing headscarves. For this woman, modesty is key.

  5. A theater major, Rimsha likes working behind on the scenes on productions. When she’s not directing a play or walking around on a TV set, she’s a Muslim woman who’s serving looks. With professional modeling experience in her arsenal, Rimsha is a beautiful Pakistani woman who has accomplished so much academic and professional success and she’s only a college freshman! She takes cues from what trendy models and actresses wear, and she emulates popular styles. She hopes to one day work in Hollywood, working on movie sets and serving looks.

All five of these fabulous women are taking a stand. No longer will Muslim women be unheard in today’s media. Muslim women will continue to dominate Instagram, a popular social media outlet for fashion influencers, because let’s face it - who’s more stylish than a woman who sticks to her values?