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The Perfect Spooky Movies For This Fall

We all want a nice movie night this fall with our loved ones or even just by ourselves, but sometimes it’s very hard to find movies that fit your current vibe. Here are five movies I highly recommend to watch with the perfect group of people for the perfect occasion.

  1. Movie Night With Your Friends: Truth or Dare 

Grab a group of friends or maybe even just one friend. We’ve all played truth or dare with people and know how the game works. Now, watch the game in action with a haunted twist. The movie Truth or Dare is about eight friends who rent a haunted house on Halloween, playing a game that was said to claim lives many years ago. They soon find out history is repeating itself by the game doing the same mischief to them. The movie is suspenseful, scary, and thrilling. It’s great to watch a movie about friends getting into trouble with your own friends. Sounds fun, right? Maybe next time you and your friends can decide to play a little haunted game of truth or dare yourselves… I’m just kidding. 

Platform: Netflix

Rate: 4.5/5

  1. Snuggle Up With Your Significant Other: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride 

Want a romance movie that has a little spooky twist to it? The Corpse Bride is about a man who unknowingly practices his wedding vows in the vicinity of a deceased young woman. She assumes he is marrying her and things start to get hectic. The man gets swept into a world where he finds out that living with corpses is not as easy as it looks. The movie is heartfelt as it showcases how the titular character is not portrayed as horror or evil but as loving and sympathetic, having the courage to be a good wife. Watch this with your significant other to show a little love and emotion, while at the same time bring some spice into your movie night. Till death do us apart. Literally.

Platform: Amazon

Rate: 5/5

  1. Family Time: The Conjuring

The Conjuring is about a true story surrounding events based on Ed and Lorraine Warren. A nice horror movie to watch with your close relatives, the movie is about a family experiencing supernatural terrors after moving into their new house on a farm in Rhode Island. Sounds like SO much fun, right? The movie is known to show the possession of evil spirits. These two are associated with Annabelle, the movie about the evil doll. The Conjuring is a great way to scream with your family and laugh a little at scenes that are supposed to be scary but are funny to you. Bringing the family closer together with an emotion we tend to not think about, which is fear, can create a bond. The movie is full of suspense and horror we don’t see in the real world. Anyways, we all know nothing in these movies is true, right…or are they? 

Platform: Netflix

Rate: 3.5/5 

  1. Funny and Interesting: Coraline

We all have those moments where we just want to get a little fear out of us. Not too much fear though一we want to laugh a little, too. The animated movie Coraline is about a girl who lives with her parents as they move into their new house. She’s tired of her mom being so strict and gets very angry with her. She finds a hidden portal in a room that leads to a parallel universe where her parents are very lenient on her. However, the twist is that those aren’t her real parents; they’re dolls made up of button eyes only to sew buttons onto her eyes so she stays in that universe forever. Even though the movie is animated, and at times hard to connect with fictional characters, you WILL feel a connection with these personalities. It’s interesting because the characters truly resemble real people. Will Coraline become a button-eyed monster? Or will she escape the tunnel and go back home?  

Platform: Amazon

Rate: 5/5

  1. By Yourself? No Problem: HUSH

Do you want to really not sleep at night? The movie that has had many reviews on being the most terrifying is HUSH. The film is about a deaf writer who lives in the woods alone until a deathly masked killer appears at her window. Without her sense of hearing, she needs to figure out a way to not get murdered. This is tough knowing the fact that she won’t be able to figure out where a certain sound is coming from; she won’t audibly know where the killer is. Alone, she needs to survive the night of horror while using her defenses and tactics to make it out alive. Keep in mind, she’s not so alone anymore with another surprise guest visitor. Why don’t you try watching this alone? I’m sure mid-movie you’d love some surprise company…

Platform: Netflix

Rate: 100000/5!!!

Now YOU get to watch all of these films and rate them! Be sure to find which haunting movie is your favorite! Do you prefer more animation, watch based on the actors, or both? Who are you going to have a movie night with this fall? Is it going to be everyone in your life or one special person *wink*? Remember to enjoy the moment, watch a good movie, grab some popcorn, and relax. That’s the definition of a perfect movie night.

I’ll be watching………

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