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Surviving Rutgers Spring Semester: Studying, Self-Care, Skincare, and Success

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

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Surviving the spring semester at Rutgers can be hectic. Balancing classes, extracurricular activities, and jobs all while dreaming about summer plans, makes it difficult to focus on ending the semester strong. But — even with the end-of-semester stress — it’s important to maintain your mental and physical well-being! Check out our top tips to be the best version of yourself on campus with our spring semester survival guide: 

Refresh your Skincare Routine

My favorite part of my routine is doing my daily skincare – not only does it make me feel confident, but it’s also a perfect excuse to pamper myself during stressful times of the semester!

Whether you have oily or combination skin, and no matter if you deal with enlarged pores, excess oil, redness, and/or dullness, I recommend trying the products from Estée Lauder’s Nutritious collection – which helps with all skin concerns!

The 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser is a nutrient-rich daily cleanser that removes excess oil and impurities while minimizing the look of pores. It’s also a twice-daily cleanser, so it’s a great way to start and end your day with fresh skin! The Radiant Essence Lotion is a nutrient-rich hydrating infusion that minimizes the look of pores, helps prevent redness, and reduces excess oil. Finally, the Melting Soft Créme Mask calms, hydrates, and strengthens the skin barrier, It can also be used as both a moisturizer and a weekly leave-on mask! I love the feeling of a good, soft foam cleanser on my face, and this mask is the perfect way to hydrate your skin.

Develop a Study Plan

To avoid getting overwhelmed With exams, projects, and assignments, develop an organized study schedule. Rather than cram in information right before, plan to start studying about two weeks in advance. Not only will this alleviate your test anxiety, but it will also help you retain more of the material and help you get an A+!

Dedicate Time for Recreation, Hobbies, and Leisure

Even though studying is important, setting aside time to relax and do things you love must also be a priority. Dedicating time for recreation and leisure helps to combat burnout. Whether you grab dinner off-campus with friends or watch a movie at the local theater, make sure to de-escalate after a strenuous study session. And, although you may feel unproductive, it is essential to take time to clear your head! Doing so makes it easier to focus on your work! Devoting time – even just a little – to rest must also have a slot on your to-do list.

Get Active Outside 

From sitting in classrooms all day to laying in bed, glued to your phone, it is all too easy to stay indoors. Going outside—whether it’s just to sit down and relax or complete a full workout—is such an important addition to your weekly routine. If you don’t particularly enjoy playing sports or other outdoor exercises, going for a walk outdoors is an easy, low-impact activity suitable for all ages and fitness levels; it gets you moving while still providing a peaceful experience. My favorite place to go for a walk is Boyd Park, a quick 10-minute walk from the College Hall stop on Cook/Douglass. The park is along the Raritan and currently has many trees blossoming, making it a perfect scenic route! On other campuses, some nice spots to walk include the trails of the Livingston Ecological Preserve, Deiner Park on College Avenue, or Johnson Park, which is a 10-minute walk from SHI Stadium on Busch (plus, if you drive or walk far enough down the park to the open grove, they have a small zoo with goats and deer!). 

The best way to survive Rutgers spring semester is to focus on ways of balancing your time between studying, self-care, and skincare. As the flowers bloom and the weather warms up, use this spring semester as an opportunity to grow and glow by devoting time to things you love, and refreshing your skincare routine with Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Line!

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