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Warmer days are here, which means spring has officially sprung! As the countdown until the end of the semester and the first day of summer begins, this is perfect time to partake in some of that “Spring Cleaning” everyone talks about during this time of year. I don't mean just doing laundry or vacuuming your room. Here are five areas of your life to organize that will have you ending your semester strong and allow for a smooth transition into summer break.

Clean (for real this time) the areas or spaces that you've been neglecting

Now is the perfect time to take one of these nice days to declutter your car — you’d never realize the amount of dirt you've tracked in during the winter months — as well as removing things you’ll no longer need. This also goes for throwing out all of those train tickets you may have stockpiled if you're a public transportation taker. Besides this deep cleaning your room, apartment, closet, or simply the bag you carry for school can make one be a little more clear of mind. Don’t forget your phone as well — if you don’t have unlimited storage, this is the time to consider deleting those year old messages, apps you don’t open anymore, or those screenshots that you took and forgot about.

Make sure you're on track for the rest of the semester

With there being only about a month left until summer, this is your last chance to buckle down and grind out when it comes to getting your work done. Do any extra credit assignments that are offered, catch up on reading or note taking that you may have put off, and get yourself prepared for finals. See if you can meet with your advisor to double check that you're set when it comes to the classes you’ll be taking next year or any last minute graduation details.

Do a digital detox

This doesn’t necessarily mean taking a break from going on social media, because let’s be real there are a lot of end of school year events that I’m sure will be happening even with finals coming around. Nonetheless, take some time to clear out those overflowing inboxes of yours. There’s nothing better then being able to open your email to see no spam emails or announcements about events that have already passed. Even organize some of your accounts that you don't use as much anymore or take the time to update the ones you still enjoy but haven’t had the time to clean up.

Line up a job or internship for the summer

Always make an effort to keep your options open because you never know what opportunity may come your way! With summer being right around the corner, send out some applications and follow up with any employers you have an interest in. Before school is out stop by the career center to see if there are any companies that are inquiring or, if you didn’t already miss it, go to the career or internship fair! There are so many online sites out there with countless listings, like Chegg.com — yes it’s mostly used for book rentals but they also promote internships.

Establish a new routine

The arrival of a new season is the perfect time to re-establish a routine for yourself and get your personal care in order. Now that it has gotten warmer and it stays lighter a little longer, use these hours to your advantage. Whether that’s getting back on a workout grind, taking up a new hobby, or changing up your skincare and beauty routines, make sure you're taking care of yourself as you take care of getting your life in order.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed at the end of a semester. School work may feel like it’s piling up, you’re trying to still make time for social activities, and you just keeping thinking about the last day you’ll be finished. However instead of letting that suppress your work ethic, let it fuel you instead! Summer will feel that much sweeter when those good grades come in and you can fully enjoy it knowing all of the hard work you put in.

Asia Kittles

Rutgers '19

The life of Asia Kittles revolves heavily around music. Whether she's writing about new music releases, attending concerts or festivals, taking dance classes, or creating choreography --- she's rarely found without her headphones nearby! She spends a lot of her days on the go, since traveling whether it's locally or abroad, is one of her favorite pastimes, but she loves spending lazy days inside watching movies. This undergraduate student is majoring in Multimedia Journalism and works for Rutgers Camden's Writing and Design Lab as a writing counselor. She has interned at the Rutgers Camden Arts and Sciences Department where she wrote online content for their website and has taken part in a study abroad Journalism program to Australia. She's also worked for the Rutgers Camden Scarlet Review copyediting for the publication. Although there isn't a Her Campus chapter at the Rutgers University -- Camden campus she takes classes at, she didn't let that stop her from being a part of this amazing chapter! instagram: @asia.jenae
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