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In the Spotlight: Eileen Cooper

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

Eileen Cooper is in the spotlight everywhere she goes.  From ballet, to teaching and performing opera, to choreographing her own scenes, Eileen really does it all. Currently a student here at Rutgers, she is working towards her master’s degree in vocal performance, after having graduated with her undergrad degree last May. Eileen’s most recent performance was the co-starring role of Papagena in Mozart’s The Magic Flute, held here at RU for this winter’s opera.  Her remarkable voice captivates her audience production after production, but even during the time she spends working at Rutgers’ Telefund, it’s not an unpleasant surprise to hear her practice a line or two down the aisles of callers. However, singing opera is not Eileen’s only talent. Her time is also spent choreographing (as well as performing in) her own scenes for this spring’s productions: The Flying Dutchman and The Merry Wives of Windsor. Flora was yet another show she choreographed this past fall. Patience allows her to accomplish all of these goals Eileen says. Eileen extends herself talents even further by being a T.A. for Music 101 here at RU and giving private voice lessons. While teaching others she enjoys learning a lot about herself in the process. Singing, in her case is very much an academic endeavor, she also adds, and is very different from most other performance degrees. “You have to sing by feeling,” she explained. Rather than listening to your own voice and judging its quality, you must “memorize sensations” in order to truly master the art of opera. Eileen is always trying to get her name (and voice!) out in the opera world by constantly auditioning to opera houses for young artist programs to perform and be coached professionally. In the meantime however, she is holding a recital on Bayard Street here in New Brunswick for charity in order to reform the historical church it will be held in. Keep your eyes and hears open, Eileen Cooper is up and coming!