Sorority Spotlight: Omega Phi Alpha

Here at Rutgers University, we have over 85 different Greek organizations! Sorority Spotlight helps readers learn more about specific sororities and makes Greek life easier to navigate for those interested.


Meet the sisters of Omega Phi Alpha! The Omega chapter at Rutgers was founded in 2000 and re-charted in 2015. OPHIA was created as a national service sorority at Bowling Green State University in 1967. Its colors are dark blue, light blue, and gold. Their symbol is a bee. Today, there are 30 active chapters of OPHIA.

Each chapter hosts sisterhood events, such as retreats or movie nights, as well as service events. There are six main projects per semester: Permanent Project | Mental Health, President’s Project, University Community, Community at Large, Members of the Sorority, and Nations of the World. Every semester, there is at least one event that falls under each of those six categories. To read more about service, visit Omega Phi Alpha’s website.


I spoke with Megan, who is part of OPHIA’s newest class - the Eta class. We met while the Eta class was selling jewelry for the Raindrops Foundation.

HC: What made you choose to join a sorority?

M: I’m a transfer student and I thought it would be a good way to get involved and meet a lot of people.

HC: What makes Omega Phi Alpha unique?

M: It’s a service sorority but they still put a lot of emphasis on sisterhood. We still have bigs and littles and hold a lot of sisterhood events.

HC: What’s the greatest reward of joining Omega Phi Alpha?

M: The community service we do. It is fun and also a resume booster.


HC: What’s the best memory you have with your sisters?

M: I only just joined, but so far I would say cleaning up the Livingston ecological preserve.

HC: What does Omega Phi Alpha value the most?

M: Service!

HC: What advice to you have for students who are considering rushing?

M: Rush around everyone and do what feels right for you!


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