Shows to Binge Watch Over Break

The Crown

The Crown is a new Netflix Original. It follows the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and provides an inside look into her life. Claire Foy plays the British monarchy and Matt Smith plays her husband, Prince Philip. Though biographical, the show is entertaining and captivating. The only negative is that you have to wait for Season Two!


The Magicians

A Syfy original, The Magicians is full of magic and plenty of danger. Following the path of Quentin Coldwater, viewers are introduced to a world of magic straight from Quentin’s favorite childhood books. Though this new world seems perfect to him, Quentin soon learns that it is not as simple or as safe as it seems. The second season airs January 25th!


Reply 1997 / Answer Me 1997

Released in 2012, Reply 1997 takes place in Busan, South Korea, and focuses on a group of friends, going back and forth from 1997, when they were in high-school, to their high-school reunion in 2012. The main character, fanatic Sung Shi-won, will have you both laughing and ripping your hair out with her antics, the refreshing romantic plot line keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the genuine moments between friends and family will have you tearing up. If you’re interested in watching K-Dramas (televised dramas from South Korea), but have never actually watched a K-Drama, you should start with Reply 1997.


American Horror Story

If you haven’t caught up with the American Horror Story hype already, now is the chance! Now boasting 6 seasons, American Horror Story is an anthology series, each season focusing on a new story with different characters (often with returning actors and actresses taking on completely different roles). The best thing about AHS being an anthology is that you don’t need to watch the seasons in order or even watch every season to understand what is going on.


Marco Polo

If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll definitely like this Netflix original! This is also great for those who enjoy a bit of historical fiction. There is something refreshing about seeing many talented actors of different races while still being totally engrossed in the series. Every episode keeps you on your toes, and each character is unique in their own way. Not to mention that there are few shows that take place in Asia that aren’t native to the country. So definitely give this show a try! (P.S. also there are a lot of hot actors.)