Rutgers Registration: Tips and Tricks

Rutgers Course Watcher

A lot of people have heard of Course Sniper which will let you know if a closed class has opened up. But not as many people have heard of Course Watcher. Like Course Sniper, it will let you know if you know if a closed class has opened up. But Course Watcher checks more frequently than Course Sniper and it’s a Google Chrome extension. When you want to add a class to your watch list, just look up the class on schedule of classes and click the eye shape next to the class. That’s it! You’ll get an email when the class opens up.

Source: Rutgers Schedule of Classes


Index Numbers

Almost a well known fact, webreg will probably not go through the first time. To prevent the loss of precious time, make sure you write down the index numbers of the specific class and section that you want! That way, once you hit that screen that sadly is telling you your schedule didn’t go through, you can quickly type in your index numbers and try again!

Source: Rutgers Schedule of Classes

Course Schedule Planner

Create several schedules on Course Schedule Planner ahead of time, each with distinct names.  This way, you have a Plan B and Plan C queued up and ready to go in case your first option is unavailable. Remember that you are able to register for classes through Course Schedule Planner by clicking the “register” button.  However, as mentioned above, this often fails so it’s probably a good idea to have the index number readily available.


Pre-Reqs and other Requirements

While Course Schedule Planner allows you to build the absolute perfect schedule with all your preferred classes, it will not notify you if you have added classes that you are not eligible to take.  However, if you attempt to register for classes with pre-reqs or for courses that are not offered for your major, Webreg will display an error message.  Make sure you verify that you are eligible to take classes before you attempt to register, so you don’t have to experience this frustrating occurrence on registration day!


Degree Navigator

This little website shows you what requirements you have filled, what you are currently fulfilling, and what you still need to fill. If your major and minors are declared, it will give you the same information as well. Useful to plan before graduation!


All photos screenshots from Rutgers websites