Rating Animated Rodents

Throughout the years, many rodents have graced the big screen, starring in popular movies, television shows, and even commercials. Each has its own personality and quirks that make them unique, becoming household names or acquiring a cult following. Although many are loved, some rodents are (characteristically speaking) better than others. From furry squirrels to thin-haired rats, here’s my rating on some popular animated rodents.

The rating system will be out of 10, with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best.

  1. 1. Remy from Ratatouille (2007)

    Remy is one of the best rats in cinematic history! He can prepare delicious meals, has a sophisticated sense of smell, and looks out for his loved ones. Remy is a great example of overcoming boundaries and proving to the world that anyone can cook. However, he does have his flaws: “stealing” food for his brother and friends, lying to Linguini, and becoming aggressive when he’s frustrated (i.e. biting Linguini, yelling at his imaginary friend Gusteau). Even with these imperfections, he tries his best to find a middle ground, and that’s admirable. 

    Rating: 9/10 

  2. 2. Roddy St. James from Flushed Away (2006)

    When we first meet Roddy, he’s an arrogant, spoiled jerk who doesn’t care about others unless they provide something in return for him. Adjusted to the high-end life of being a house rat, it’s expected for him to act in this manner. Is it excusable? No! He puts up this fake gentleman front to manipulate people into doing things for him. It isn’t until he meets Rita and goes on this adventure when he starts to become a decent rat-being. If he was never flushed down the toilet, he would probably still be the same cocky rat as shown at the start of the film. 

    Rating: 6/10

  3. 3. Despereaux Tilling from The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

    I LOVE DESPEREAUX SO MUCH! I don’t think you understand, I would do anything for this mouse. You can’t tell me that he isn’t adorable, cute, or brave. You can’t! He is truly a prince, worthy of everything in the world. What’s unnerving is how others in his community react to him. Yeah, he’s not afraid of what mice are supposed to be terrified of, but that should be seen as a desirable trait. Also, look at his ears! How could anyone not love his ears! Despereaux deserves all the love and support of the universe because he is that mouse!  

    Rating: 10/10

  4. 4. Hammy from Over the Hedge (2006)

    Hammy is such a precious creature. He has so much innocence and has the same amount of energy as a toddler. Curious about the world and relying on older figures, it’s easy to persuade Hammy into doing something dangerous. Even at the offer of junk food, he will do anything asked of him, whether it makes him uncomfortable or not. At times, he seems to be an annoyance to others due to his hyperactive, dim-witted personality. Although he acts childish, he treats his friends as family, regardless if they are a mix of different species. We love a nondiscriminating character wearing their heart on their sleeve.   

    Rating: 8/10

  5. 5. Hamtaro from Hamtaro

    Hamtaro is another rodent I would do anything for. This hamster deeply cares for his friends and owner Laura—he would put his life on the line if it meant saving them. Also, the character design of this rodent is *chef’s kiss* spectacular, genius, alluring; it just works. Some people might not find big eyes charming, but you can’t deny that it adds to his character. It’s moments like this where I wished I had an actual Hamtaro to keep in my shirt pocket so that I can cherish them and hold them like a baby! 

    Rating: 10/10

  6. 6. Angelina Mouseling from Angelina Ballerina

    If you’re not familiar with Angelina Mouseling, where have you been? This mouse is super talented, an amazing dancer, and she has style! An icon in her own right, Angelina dominates the stage with her presence, performing a beautifully choreographed ballet number. Sure, she may be a drama queen at times, but she’s a performer! She wants everything to be perfect so that it matches her standards. I would have a tantrum too if something I worked hard on isn’t being taken seriously. Either way, she does value her relationships and would absolutely provide moral support for her friends. 

    Rating: 8/10

  7. 7. Bernard and Miss Bianca from The Rescuers (1977)

    Bernard and Miss Bianca are on the god-tier of couple goals. They both compliment each other so well; their chemistry on-screen gives me serotonin. Indeed, their individual personalities complement each other. Although Bernard is superstitious and gets wary of certain situations, Miss Bianca is daring and ready for an adventure. Also, both work at the Rescue Aid Society, which is equivalent to the United Nations. That tells viewers the values these mice have and how much they care for others in dire situations. 

    Rating: 10/10

  8. 8. Pinky and the Brain From the Self-Titled Series Pinky and the Brain

    These two lab mice are something else. They are constantly trying to take over the world with their wild shenanigans, and they never seem to accomplish this goal. It might have to do with their clashing personalities. Pinky is open-minded and more sympathetic than his counterpart Brain, who is an overthinker and puts the blame on Pinky, even though in some circumstances, Pinky isn’t at fault. While this pairing is toxic, they stick together because they are lab rats! They’re being experimented on, so they only have each other. Makes one wonder why they’re like this.  

    Rating: 7/10

  9. 9. “Chuck” E. Cheese

    Let me start off by saying I don’t trust this deceiving rodent. First of all, his name isn’t even Chuck, it’s Charles! His full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese, and his identity is extremely confusing to me. If you look at his Wikipedia page, he started off as a rat, then identified as a mouse. How is that possible? Also, apart from being the face of a pizza-arcade joint (basically a casino for children), he is an influencer! Charles has his own YouTube channel where he sings songs and promotes his merch on his Instagram account. I refuse to trust this furry animal!   

    Rating: 5/10

  10. 10. Alvin and the Chipmunks

    What can be said about Alvin and the Chipmunks that hasn’t been stated before? They only make bops and nothing more! Their rendition of Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” is soul touching, and their harmonies are unmatched by other bands. The group has won five Grammy awards for their work! However, what I will note is that Alvin, the lead singer of the bunch, is such a prick. I can’t stand to hear him talk because he has the same qualities as a jock. He cares about his image and hooking up with ladies, which is gross and uncalled for. I would’ve given this a lower rating, but Simon and Theodore’s presence made me reconsider.  

    Rating: 6/10

  11. 11. Chip and Dale

    I can 100% support these chipmunk brothers. They are witty, charismatic, and care about the environment. We love to see figures using their platform to support the planet, and being resourceful with what’s given to them! The only qualm I have with this duo is that sometimes I forget who’s who (but that’s on me). The facial qualities that separate those two are the color of their nose and the alignment of their teeth. In case you didn’t know, Dale has a red nose and a gap between his teeth, while Chip has a black nose and two teeth aligned perfectly. 

    Rating: 9/10

  12. 12. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

    One of the most iconic couples ever, Mickey and Minnie Mouse prove that love is real. Being together for many years, it seems that they have it all figured out. However, perhaps Minnie isn’t being faithful to her partner as shown in this tweet. While Minnie has her secrets exposed to the public, Mickey isn’t one to be all innocent. In the past, he has been racist, homophobic, and seen as a dictator, according to this article. Nonetheless, the power couple has been going strong, with the duo displaying their love through their social media posts

    Rating: 7/10

  13. 13. Stuart Little

    There’s something suspicious about Stuart Little. Some say he is an embarrassment to the mice community everywhere. Perhaps it’s because of his cunningly, quick-witted mind. But, let’s backtrack for a minute. Why do people hate this disgusting rodent? Picture this: you’re a cat living in your home, when all of a sudden your owners bring in a white mouse and call him a “son.” How can you let this slide? Why are you the pet, but Stuart is a son? Makes no sense. Also, the rodent wanted to hook up with a bird! It’s simply a no for me. 

    Rating: 6/10

Whether you’re a fan or not, rodents play many of the most recognizable characters in the entertainment industry. It’s totally acceptable to disagree with this list as it is my opinion. We all have a favorite rodent we feel represents us, and that’s perfectly normal. What matters most is that you embrace their strengths and flaws.