A Poetic Prose: Don’t Paint Me Black When I Used To Be Golden

lemon on women's neck


You seem so surprised when I’m asked a question…and I analyze.

Yes, I also have brain, thoughts, and emotions deep inside…why can’t you realize.

Is it because my skin is well done or is it because you don’t see the potential in what I can become.

Burnt by the gaze of judgmental eyes…my history being extinguished by your ancestor’s lies.  

I don’t even know where to begin.

We work, strive, grind, all for a single dime (of recognition)

But still history seems to repeat itself every time.


It’s called Melanin not Melatonin, so don’t fall asleep on us!

Our month may be dying down but, trust me, we are just starting to come alive.

This is our time. So my African American, Caucasian, Asian, Muslim, Hispanic, Jewish brothers and

sisters join us on the way to the top and help to for once put racism and injustice to a stop.

The way I see it…Black History Month isn’t just for us…it’s also celebrating all my brothers and sisters of

all skins and religions trying to make a difference.

So, Happy Black History Month and never forget to speak up for those beaten in silence.

person with orange and white headdress