A NYC College Fashion Week Recap

College Fashion Week is a HerCampus-hosted event with a Primark runway show as its main feature. The runway was called #TheRealRunway and defined as the place “where we explore the intersection between fashion and identity in ways that highlight diversity, empowerment and inclusivity.” And it features real college students as the models! The show had three sections: the sporty/casual looks, 90’s grunge looks and the fall preview. Here are some of my favorite looks:

The runway wasn’t the only part of this event though! BKLYN Studios was packed with activity sections like a customized shirt printing, a create-your-own bouquet box, an inflatable globe filled with confetti for cute boomerangs, makeup and hair touch-up stations sponsored by Buxom, Batiste and Shea Moistures, and so much more. There was also a small HerCampus shop featuring their cute stickers, pins, baseball caps and more! 

We can’t forget the goodies! The canvas tote was packed with mini Batiste dry shampoo, the softest Primark shirt that we customized, a Shea Moistures mini leave-in hydrating treatment and full sized curly smoothie, a mini Save hydrating cleanser, a mini Nair leg mask, a Primark gift card and so much more! 

I had such a great time in this event! I made such amazing friends, and I got to wear an outfit that I was really proud of. It also made me realize that I really love going to fashion events and taking photos - I feel like they turned out great and I’m super proud of them! 

I would highly recommend everyone who enjoys fashion to go to this event next year. The tickets were $20, and that’s more than worth it to me!

All photos courtesy of Mercedes Viera.