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Nicole Eager

How long have you been working at Top Golf?

I started training before Top Golf opened and have been working since, so about one month and a half. It’s been a wild ride so far.


Why did you decide to work at Top Golf?

I used to be a golfer at Johnson and Wales University in Miami, Florida and have been golfing all my life. Golf is life. I was also drawn to the company as it has many locations nationwide and is very popular. Plus the proximity to school is convenient, and it’s a great environment.


What do you at Top Golf?

I work in a variety of guest service capacities such as club room, tee-liner, and greeter. The club room is where the house clubs are stored so I’m in charge of handling clubs. I also take care of valet clubs that guests bring. When I’m a Tee-linier host at a bay, I bring guests to their bay and instruct them on safety and set up the bay for them. As a greeter, I’m in charge of the initial interaction by greeting every guest, answering any questions thrown at me, knowing exact wait times, and controlling the lines during busy times so the lobby doesn’t get rowdy and disorganized.


How is the work environment?

It is a great environment. We are always pretty active and we have a lot of fun and comradery amongst the associates. When there is free time, we practice our own golfing skills.


What are your top 3 Favorite things at Top Golf?

Golfing, eating (the food is phenomenal), and the target lights (perfect for your social media).


As a visitor Must Do’s/Must Avoid?

If over 21, the golf bag drink (cup lights up), but you need at least 2 people per drink. Try the “Mushi” appetizer, it is Top Golf’s signature appetizer. Avoid coming Saturday night without a priority pass online, otherwise it will be a crazy 5-hour wait. Avoid going to a bay without a membership card…happens every day.


Finally, why should anyone visit?

You don’t need any skills or experience; more than half of the guest have never even touched a golf club before. After their 1st time, many come back because it’s so addicting.

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