New Beginnings: My Experience Transferring To Rutgers

The Risk

Am I making the right choice? That was the question that was constantly running through my mind. Should I just attempt to stay another semester and tough it out? No, I have to try. I want to transfer universities. Transferring schools is a very stressful task to undergo. There is such a strong feeling of uncertainty, but I knew I had to do it. I took a leap of faith (not to be dramatic) and applied to Rutgers in mid-May and anxiously waited for a response from Rutgers. A few weeks later, I heard back and to my surprise, I was accepted! Little to my knowledge, that this had been the easy part. What lay ahead of me were: bus schedules, five enormous campuses, new housing, new people, new rigorous classes and a completely clean slate. I soon began the transfer process. I was so nervous. I had truly hoped that my previous institution had been the place where I would spend my college years, but I just couldn’t seem to find my niche. Despite my excitement for a new change, the more the summer progressed the more anxious I became.

The Dorms


After what felt like an eternity, move-in day (finally!) arrived. I had my new aesthetic for my dorm planned out and I was completely ready to start fresh. My family dropped me off and I finished decorating my room. As soon as I opened my dorm room door, the girls from across the hall came over and introduced themselves. Shortly after, several other people from my floor came to me and introduced themselves. Rutgers practically immediately made me feel accepted into the community! I quickly forged friendships with my floor and within the first week, as cliche as it sounds, it really felt like we are a family. We have game nights, movie nights, Taylor Swift dance parties, spontaneous Homegoods trips, and countless other mini adventures.

Not only is the dorming of Rutgers amazing, but also the number of clubs at Rutgers truly seem to be infinite. At the Involvement Fair I heard that there were around 500 clubs! There are clubs for literally everything. I had heard about Her Campus Rutgers from a friend back home who is a part of a chapter at her college and she highly recommended it, so I thought I would try it out. During the first meeting, I was welcomed with open arms. The list of events this upcoming school year appears to be never-ending!

The Schoolwork

Before transferring to Rutgers I was so nervous about the workload that would be assigned. Nationwide statistics show how transfer students show a major decline in their GPA after transferring to a new institution. Rutgers is known for being academically rigorous, but Rutgers does not expect transfer students to figure out the school on their own. Rutgers offers several courses specifically for transfer students. By doing so, this allows for transfers to ease into the new academic environment with all the resources they could possibly need to succeed.

The Reward

I will admit that there are certainly some things that I still need to adjust to, but that is true with anywhere. For example, the bussing situation is somewhat stressful to figure out, however, after the first week you have it down pat (thanks to the app of course)! Also, the size of the school is overwhelming, but I’ve learned that the size of the school truly benefits me. I love exploring and Rutgers is certainly the place to do that!

Overall, Rutgers exudes such a sense of kindness and helpfulness to new students. I could walk up to any person and ask a question and they are not hesitant to offer their assistance. I am so happy to have transferred. Because of this chance, I decided to take, I now found my new home! I hope that anyone who is considering transferring takes the risk because you will find the college that is best fit for you.