My Capitalist Valentine

Source: Pexels


Growing up, Valentine's was one of my TOP favorite holidays. I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween (conservative Christian household) so Valentine's was my favorite. I loved decorating bags with lace-edged pink and red hearts and of course, picking out the cards and candy to send to my classmates. 

As soon as you leave elementary school, the fun starts to disappear, and your eyes begin to open. This event doesn't really revolve around love; it revolves around MONEY. After Christmas and Easter, Valentine's Day is the next most profitable holiday.  These holidays, even though they have a specific reason for being held (Valentine's day isn't even a public holiday!), spending money has become the focus.

Part of me is irritated that capitalism has warped all these holidays but the other part of me can't help but succumb to the frills.

I've found that the compromise is to only participate if you really want to.

Don't buy those chocolates (until after because then they're on sale!!) for your coworkers unless you really want to show your love for them. Don't feel obligated to have a date, just enjoy the day the way YOU would like to, not the way society tells you (fancy flowers, fancy dinner, fancy chocolates aka spend your money). 

Galentine's Day is something that really emphasizes that point because it is a celebration of the supportive relationships you and your friends have together. Palentine's as well! Valentine's Day is marketed towards very specific relationships, but you can celebrate any relationship from family to friends to yourself.

Capitalistic pressure shouldn't be the reason for buying things, your genuine love and relationships should be.