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Although the 2021 GRAMMY Awards show has passed, I wanted to reflect on the artists who were nominated for their work. Over the past year, these artists’ amazing songs motivated and energized me, keeping me sane through it all. In honor of the show, here are my favorite songs by some of this year’s nominees!

Baby Girl - Chloe x Halle

In this cool R&B song, the talented sister duo, Chloe x Halle, shows us they understand the pressures of wanting to be a perfect woman. With their beautiful soft vocals, they gently remind us to embrace who we are and live for ourselves. This empowering song gives a call to action to love ourselves through it all, and spread this message to other women as well.

Crown - CHIKA

If you need some motivational vibes, let this song be your musical mantra. Chika’s soulful rap song tells us to be focused on ourselves and our goals. It can be scary to step into your dreams, especially when other people might try to hold you back. Chika empathizes with our fears and tells us the solution is to learn how to believe and own our power.

Crying in the Car - Megan Thee Stallion

In this song, Megan Thee Stallion shows off her smooth vocals by singing about her journey of growing and persevering to get where she is. She reminds us of our struggles, and that haters might try to get the best of us, but we have the power to overcome them. In Megan’s own words, make a promise to keep working hard as good results will happen.

Fly to My Room - BTS

In this beautiful song, BTS shows us through their own personal experiences how they understand how we might feel stuck sometimes, but we can overcome it. ith the pandemic still going on especially, many of us can relate. With dreamy melodies and sweet vocals, the boys encourage us to find moments of good in our difficult times. The slow tempo reassures that everything will be okay in time. Our situations might not change right away, but we can change our perspective.

In My Bones - Jacob Collier ft. Kimbra & Tank and the Bangas

For your next solo dance party, make sure you dance to this funky jam. Jacob’s unique background sounds bring a refreshing vibe that makes him stand out from any artist. From the very first beat in this song, he invites you to dance and leaves you no other option. His cool vocals and colorful music video will take you on a dance ride you’ve never been on before.

Levitating - Dua Lipa

Do you want to fly away out of this world? Let Dua Lipa take you to another galaxy with this futuristic-mixed, 80s style song! The fun vibes this song brings will leave you feeling happy and free. It’s definitely a great dance hit! P.S. I 10/10 recommend watching the video for some sparkly makeup and fashion inspiration!

Lights Up - Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ comforting lyrics in "Lights Up" encourage us to embrace change. It can be nice to stay where we are or go back to what’s familiar to us, but sometimes it’s best to move on. Each time he gets to the chorus, the confidence in his voice reassures us that “stepping into the light”  is the way for us to grow into the person we are meant to be.

Seven - Taylor Swift

In this heartwarming song, Taylor Swift takes us back to reminiscence on childhood memories. Through her sincere lyrics, she captures the innocence of childhood thoughts and friendships.

The sweet melodies are very storylike, which perfectly ties in with Taylor’s newer folklore album.

I hope these songs leave you with good vibes! Happy listening!

Zakiya Jones

Rutgers '23

Zakiya is a junior at Rutgers University with a major in Communications specializing in Strategic Public Communication and Public Relations. She is an assistant editor and contributing writer for Her Campus Rutgers. She is so happy to be a part of the Her Campus Rutgers team!
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