Must Haves & Tips to Clean & Clear Skin :)

This time of year, students are fervently running about with nothing on their minds but EXAMS, EXAMS, EXAMS!!! Between all the late night study sessions, the long hours spent meticulously working behind a screen, and the unavoidable stress that come with it all, skincare is the last thing on most people’s minds. That’s ok though, because I am here with the key components to restoring and getting your skin back to its glowing condition ☺!


  1. 1. Have or Start a Routine!

    It’s never too late to start a skincare routine, but it is imperative that you learn about your skin. Research the most apparent troubles that your skin has, and see what the world wide web recommends because we all go through the same troubles. If you visit “The Body Shop” at the mall, they usually have skin dryness testing, plus they give you tips on what kinds of products work best for you.

  2. 2. EXFOLIATE!!!

    Exfoliation is often overlooked, but it creates such a smooth and silky finish to the skin. Troublesome blackheads and blemishes become nonexistent in the face of a scrub. Tree Hut has a wide range of scrubs that create absolute magic on the skin, both on your body and face. A nice at home scrub consists of ground coffee, brown sugar, and some coconut oil.

  3. 3. Invest in Face Masks

    A good face mask will make you feel rejuvenated and send your face into a blissful state. They’re fun, quick, easy, and mess free! Just popping one on and feeling your skin breathe once its off is an unforgettable feeling. There is a variety of them that tackle a variety of skin troubles making them a perfect cure for the post-exam period!

  4. 4. Toners are Your Best Friends!

     A toner will take any surface and illuminate it! I prefer the Mario Badescu toners, because they act as a toner & setting spray!! Toners smooth out the skin making it appear smooth and all the while moisturizing it. There are other beneficial ones that soften the appearance of acne scars and blemishes, along with others that even claim to slowly rid people of their acne. Do your research and give your skin an amazing boost from a toner!!

  5. 5. Moisturize

    Moisturizing your skin on a regular basis with a specifically designed facial moisturizer that tends to your skin’s needs makes a big difference. For those who aren’t quite sure what kind of moisturizer they like, should use, or simply want something light should opt for some Aloe Vera which has very well-known beneficial properties for the skin. Ponds is amazing in terms of moisturizing all skin types, because it is very light. The more often the skin is moisturized, the less natural oils it produces, which also reduces the amount of pimples one may see.

Ultimately, the skin is a very delicate part of our body that we see every single day. Although it is considered to be one of the strongest parts to the human body, it still needs to be taken care of. Eat healthily, take the time to take care of it, and watch the change take over. What’s happening inside will reflect on the outside, and the same goes for what’s going on outside.