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Must-Have Statement Pieces To Add To Your Transitioning Fall Wardrobe

By the time November rolls around, the weather should theoretically be just crisp enough for us to stroll around campus and admire the colorful foliage in our favorite fall styles without bundling up in a bulky winter jacket. In reality, this month’s varied temperatures can make it difficult to decide what to wear each day. When the sun is shining one day but the wind kicks in on another and it rains in between, dressing seasonally fashionable may seem far less important as wearing practical attire for whatever weather the day brings. Adding a few versatile statement pieces that can easily shift between fall and winter wardrobes can both elevate your style and help maintain your comfort during this transitional period.

Teddy Coats

(Alishbah Arsalan)


Arguably one of the biggest street style trends this season, teddy coats get their name from the soft and often tan colored faux fur material similar to that of a classic teddy bear toy. According to Glamour, this in-demand coat began trending as far back as last winter and does not appear to be fading away anytime soon. Teddy coats are the perfect combination of comfort and chicness, and are sure to keep you warm all throughout the fall and winter months. As if that didn’t sound good enough, these jackets also come in a variety of styles ranging from trench coats to zip-up fleeces and can be worn with just about anything while still looking fashionable.

Grey Plaid

(Cassidy Smedley)

(Alishbah Arsalan)

(Divya Chandorkar)

The timeless pattern seems to have sprung up everywhere this past fall. Swapping out a solid color item in favor of a preppy light grey plaid pattern is a simple way to amp up your fashion game this season and emulate your inner royal, as the trend appears to be a favorite of Duchesses’ Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton as well as the late great Princess Diana. This pattern can be worn on a variety of coats, blazers, skirts, and scarves, but is especially trending in the current fall season on high-waisted pants. Grey plaid pants can be worn with a blouse and flats to create a professional look appropriate for an internship, or could be given a modern twist with a faux leather jacket and combat boots for an edgy feel. No matter which way this pattern is worn, it is sure to help keep you warm and trendy throughout the season.

Sweatshirt Dresses

(Forever 21)


Athleisure is one of the most comfortable fashion trends to recently grow in popularity, and for college students, it’s not hard to understand why. We’ve all had those days when dressing up to class seems in to be too much effort to handle before an early morning lecture, or even worse when we sleep through our alarms, and throw on the closest sweats we can find. A sweatshirt dress is a trendy alternative for these mornings that can up your stylishness and prioritize your relaxation. These dresses also provide a sense of coziness when worn with a pair of leggings, which will definitely be in demand as the weeks grow colder.

Warm-Toned Sweaters

(Divya Chandorkar)

(Hannah Javed)

(Alishbah Arsalan)

Sweaters reflecting the radiant yellows, reds, oranges, and browns of autumn leaves will never go out of style for the season. Lightweight sweaters especially make for standard fall wardrobe pieces because of their versatility, and the brighter the shade the more of a statement the outfit becomes. Pairing this staple with a 70s-inspired bell-sleeve sweater offers a unique twist of the traditional cozy sweater look. 70s looks have certainly cycled back into modern fashion once again as stated by Cosmopolitan, and is sure to remain a trend throughout the winter and spring seasons. During sunnier days, a warm-toned sweater can be worn on its own with a skirt or boot-cut pants to really achieve that 70s vibe. For colder temperatures this look can be layered with tall boots and a lightweight jacket, making it a true transitional style.

Midi Accordion Skirt

(Cassidy Smedley)


Something about a pleated, billowy skirt always feels so reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Sex And The City opening credits tutu, regardless of the color or length. The mid-length accordion skirt is never quite out of style but has been steadily trending especially during the colder months over the past couple of seasons. Midi skirts, which generally fall just below the knee, can quickly transform your outfit into a put together look without seeming too fancy for everyday occasions. When paired with a graphic tee and denim jacket an accordion skirt can be worn as a casual chic look, or can be dressed up with an off the shoulder shirt or tight sweater for an upcoming holiday party.

Moto Jackets

(Hannah Javed)

(Kwesi Kittoe)


Throwing on a motorcycle jacket is a quick way to instantly add an effortless edge to an everyday outfit. These jackets are ideal for fall because they provide enough warmth without causing you to feel weighed down, and can be styled with just about everything. For a classic look that never fades out of style, a black leather jacket can be paired with a dark pair of jeans and boots or a flowy dress. Moto jackets can also be worn in an unexpected bold hue, such as teal or burgundy, to add a modern feel to the style and become a go-to statement piece.As the temperatures begins to drop and turn more into a winter chill than a crisp fall weather, these styles should help ensure that you are dressed for whatever the day brings. And don’t forget to accessorize – tossing on a stylish hat or scarf can be a great way to elevate each of these fall looks.

Cassidy hails from Delaware County, Pennsylvania and is an undergraduate Journalism and Media Studies major and Psychology minor at Rutgers University with a passion for telling stories. She is the current Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rutgers.
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