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Moving Out of My Dorm: The End of an Era

In August of 2014, I was a scared freshman moving into a dorm with people I didn’t know and a fear that I wouldn’t fit in. Next week I will move out of that dorm for the last time.

            Coming to college it never crossed my mind that I might live in the same dorm with a lot of the same people for two years in a row. It wasn’t something that I could ever see myself doing. Yet here I am after my second year living in the same dorm, simultaneously excited and sad to finish the year and move out for the last time.

Living in a dorm is easy, and when you’re like me and you’ve lived in the same dorm since starting college, moving on can be scary. It feels like the end of an era. This building has been my home for two years and has been a defining feature of my college experience so far. I have made so many great memories here and I have to leave it all behind.

I have become so used to my friends being just a few steps away that next year a few blocks will seem like an eternity away. There will be no more running to my friend’s room to talk to her about my problems at all hours of the day; I won’t be able to “casually” be around a crush all the time without seeming suspicious; and there will be significantly less free food.

            But moving out of my dorm does not mean the end of all bad things. I will still be living with friends, just fewer of them. We can actually make food instead of relying on the dining hall. We’ll have excuses to have parties or go out more often. Friends will be able to sleep comfortably if they stay over. We might not see each other every day, but I know that my friends will always be there when I need them.

            So while I’m sad to move out of my dorm for the last time, I look forward to what next year will bring. 

A Senior at Rutgers University double majoring in Political Science and Economics who loves books, Broadway, and petting dogs.
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