Meet The Girl Bosses Who Make It Happen

The 2018-2019 Her Campus Rutgers executive board is a reflection of the diversity and excellence that Rutgers University prides itself on. The HC Rutgers E-board is an array of diversity ranging from individual different cultural backgrounds to different studies. These differences allow us to bring different perspectives and approaches towards the stories that we share on the Her Campus Rutgers website, which we want to reflect the campus that we call home. At Her Campus Rutgers, we celebrate our differences and utilize them to improve Her Campus Rutgers. We want to not only share our stories but also provide a safe platform for Rutgers University students, regardless of their identity, sexual orientation, religious, or cultural background, to showcase their stories, beauty, and talent.


Alexis Martin

Campus Correspondent

Alexis is a senior majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Sociology. She has aspirations of pursuing a career as a lawyer one day. This past summer she interned at Legal Services of New Jersey and spent hours providing free legal assistance to low income individuals and their families. She knew at an early age that helping people was something that she wanted to dedicate her life's work doing. Ironically, her parents named her Alexis which means helper or defender derived from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, to help". Her Campus Rutgers allowed Alexis to channel her inner writer. Prior to Her Campus Rutgers, she never really thought writing could be fun because she always associated it with school and  papers. It wasn't something she thought she would actually enjoy doing until she started creating articles for this amazing organization and for the college women around her. Soon, it became something she was suddenly passionate about.


Alexis then loved the law but also loved writing. That is when she realized the essence of having multiple passions. Sophomore year, she created a blog Alexis Hoots . Since then she has worked tirelessly to promote healthy living and relationships, wellness,and inspiration via Alexis Hoots. She grounded her platform on the phrase "love 'hoo' you are"  which encourages young girls and women to make self-love a priority. Ultimately, she wants her readers to know their self-worth, understand its magnitude, and be relatable by using an authentic narrative to tell her  stories and convey meaningful messages. Alexis is not only one our Campus Correspondents but she is also a Campus Trendsetter and a member of the InfluenceHer Collective.


“I love Her Campus because it has opened so many doors for me. Whether that be helping me  create my own personal platform, Alexis Hoots. Or attend and meet great people at events like Her Conference and College Fashion Week  from all around the world!” - Alexis


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Keoni Nguyen

Campus Correspondent

Keoni is a senior at Rutgers University who is majoring in English and double-minoring in Digital Communication, Information & Media and Business & Technical Writing. In spring 2017, she interned for the Rutgers Writing Program, aiding as an assistant editor in the publication of the twelfth edition of the annual scholarly journal [email protected] and serving as a co-chair for the 2017 Undergraduate Research Writing Conference. This past summer, she worked as an editorial intern for Gizmodo Media Group’s video-gaming website Kotaku. When she isn’t working on Her Campus, she is hosting a podcast Late Night Hop with her roommate Hannah and reading anything and everything she can get a hold of.


She loves Her Campus because it is an empowering platform that encourages young women and those who ally with them to embrace who they are and tell the stories they want to tell.


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Podcast: Late Night Hop

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Hannah Javed

Senior Editor

Hannah is currently  a senior at Rutgers majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology and has been  an active been member of Her Campus for over three years now. Being a member of the Her Campus community has allowed her to gain leadership experience, teamwork skills, writing skills, friends and much more. As senior editor, she  plans to use her past experiences to facilitate a productive environment within the organization. Furthermore, she have written numerous articles during my time as a contributor at Her Campus Rutgers, which has further fueled her passion for writing and Her Campus.

More than anything, Her Campus is a collegiate national publication that aims to empower their audience. As senior editor, she hopes to empower our readers by organizing theme week articles. In the past, theme week articles have gained a lot of traction for our chapter and hopes to continue this tradition. Given the opportunity to serve, she hopes to give back to the Her Campus as much as they have given her.


“I am really excited and looking forward to working with all of you! Can’t wait to share ideas and publish empowering articles! “ -Hannah Javed​


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Instagram: @_hannah157

Podcast: Late Night Hop


Cassidy Smedley

Assistant Editor


Cassidy is currently a junior at Rutgers with a Journalism and Media Studies major and a Psychology minor. She is excited to serve as the assistant editor this year for Her Campus Rutgers. In addition to writing articles for Her Campus, she also writes for the Inside Beat section of The Daily Targum. Cassidy is a Philadelphia area native and spends her free time reading, writing and researching makeup trends.


She loves being a part of Her Campus Rutgers not only because of the variety of articles she is able to write, but also for the empowering community that Her Campus provides.


Taylor Whitaker

Social Media Director

Taylor Whitaker is a senior majoring in Journalism & Media Studies and minoring in Digital Communication, Information & Media. She has a love for all things beauty and fashion as well as binge-watching on Netflix. She aspires to be a Public Relations Specialist and hopes to travel the world. She has interned with Rutgers Office of Community Affairs in coordinating Rutgers Day’17 and interned as a Social Media Specialist this summer with a wine touring business in VA.


“I love Her Campus because it is the only platform where there’s something relatable for everyone. From fashion trends, college tip, and current events happening within our community, to lifestyle, relationships, and culture, it’s nice being reminded that you’re never alone on this crazy ride of life, also known as college.” -Taylor Whitaker


Aarushi Gupta

Director of Marketing & Promoting

Aarushi Gupta is currently a sophomore at Rutgers Business School.She is  majoring in Business Analytics and Information Technology (BAIT) and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Spanish. Some of the organizations she is currently involved with on campus, other than Her Campus, are Enactus, Rutgers Business School Innovation Committee (RBSIC), and the Honors Programming Board. In her free time, she like to watch Netflix, read, or sleep. “I love Her Campus because it's given me an outlet to share my thoughts and feelings. It’s also given me the freedom to not only write about what I want but also about how I want to write it (in a group or individually). I also love Her Campus because it has helped me find a community of dedicated, empowered women on campus.” -Aarushi Gupta


Wynne Zalewski

Events Coordinator

Wynne is a double major in Art History and Medieval studies, and she will be working on my thesis this school year.  In her free time she enjoys painting, photography, and playing piano. She also work at Rutgers as a lifeguard.


“Her campus is a great way to connect with people and make friends!” -Wynne Zalewski


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Zeal Doshi




Zeal is double majoring in Communication and Economics with a minor in DCIM. Through her  Communication major, she has become an expert at reading, writing and editing papers as well as coming up with creative ideas and implementing effective solutions for reaching deadlines. This major has also helped her realize her passion for freelance writing because she  believes that words are more expressive than speech and can \create a stronger impact. Through her Economics major, Zeal is well-advanced in finance related topics and quantitative analysis which will be helpful for effectively allocating and managing funds this upcoming year. Outside of academics, she  takes part in many different clubs and organizations. Zeal loves to meet people and learn about different perspectives, which she is able to do by participating in various organizations.

“Her Campus gives me a chance to connect with other females who are going through similar experiences and the chance to relieve stress through words and expression. What's better than a site made just for girls in and around college age? We get the best of it all - meet people, connect, learn, and share!” -Zeal Doshi


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The 2018-2019 Her Campus Rutgers e-board is excited for the new academic year. We’re looking forward to bonding with you and ultimately discussing and sharing the stories that matter the most to you- regardless of who you are.