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Makeup Tutorials for Halloween that Only Look Difficult

Youtube is definitely a great resource for researching how to perfect any makeup look from a simple cat eye to a more difficult cut-crease. When it comes to festive Halloween looks, makeup artists on the site pull out all the stops to create new intense, trendy, and sometimes even gory costume looks. While there is no doubt that many of these looks are works of art in their own right, they can sometimes seem downright impossible to recreate for those of us who aren’t professionals. Here are a few tutorials that are not as difficult to recreate as they look.


Spiderweb Eyeliner

The green eyeshadow used adds a festive edge and this look can be recreated with just your usual eyeliner.



If you’re going for a look that’s less modern and more historical, then this tutorial shows you how to recreate the iconic drawn out wings and bold eyeshadow.



This look shows you how to draw on a Catwoman mask from scratch if you’re choosing your costume at the last minute and don’t have one on hand.


New Taylor Swifts

Taylor Swift’s different phases from her newest music video are going to be popular costumes this year, and this tutorial shows you how to recreate a handful of her sought after looks.


Pop Art

This comic inspired look initially seems like it would be hard to recreate, but is relatively simple as long as you have a decent black eyeliner. You could follow the tutorial and fade the center of your face, or continue to do a full pop art look.



Youtuber Nikkietutorials is the undisputed queen of Halloween looks (if you have the time check out her extreme demon face video, which has racked up over 12 million views) and this splattered look is the easiest of her videos to recreate with a sponge and some red eyeliner.


Have fun this Halloween!

Cassidy hails from Delaware County, Pennsylvania and is an undergraduate Journalism and Media Studies major and Psychology minor at Rutgers University with a passion for telling stories. She is the current Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Rutgers.
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