This Knight’s Love Runs Pink: An Open Letter to Her Campus National

You know that cheesy scene in romance movies when the love interests spot each other across the room for the first time, and everything around them does not matter and they only have eyes for each other? Yeah, that is how I felt during when I attended my first Her Campus meeting at my university last semester.

Rutgers University is a huge school with a massive amount of clubs, and it was so overwhelming trying to find a writing club that best suited me. Naturally, I felt like I needed to write for the daily newspaper on campus because it is the most well known and distributed paper. I attended meetings and joined the GroupMe and every time I scrolled through the story list, it never felt right.

The daily newspaper is a serious body of work that tackles current events and social issues in and around my school, which is amazing, but it just did not pique my interest. Anytime I tried writing for them, it felt too formal. I felt constricted and pressure to write in a certain style to sound serious.

This struggle made me question what it is I wanted to do with Journalism and writing. I could not become a journalist if I did not even gain experience or even enjoy the writing. Every writer has a style and I could not figure out mine. It felt like it was hiding for me and I was running around trying to find it.

That all changed when I went to my first Her Campus meeting. I had no idea what the club was about when I signed my name on the list at the involvement fair besides the fact that they post articles online. But when the campus correspondents were explaining what the club is about and the freedom to write about whatever we want, I felt a giddiness rise within me. The campus correspondents were so happy and excited to be talking about the club, and I could feel their passion.

Since then, I have been able to write about everything and anything I am passionate about, from diversity issues to beauty to relationships. With each article I write, I feel excited to go through the process of writing and it feels so rewarding to actually have it published. Writing for Her Campus never feels like another obligation or task to check off my to-do list. I look forward to it!

Her Campus has helped me in so many ways that I could have never expected.

I have realized that I want to eventually go into magazine writing and work for a fashion or beauty magazine because of HerCampus. I have been able to meet so many amazing and kind women who are all just as passionate as I am about their interests. I have been able to improve and practice my writing skills as well become a published writer because of HerCampus.

As cliche and icky as it sounds, HerCampus has helped me find myself and who I want to become. HerCampus has helped sculpt my future and define the path I want to take. I love HerCampus because I have found a place of community and comfort in such a massive school.

I am so grateful for this club for helping me realize my passion and encouraging my growth.

I have found a home with HerCampus that I never want to leave.

*All images courtesy of Shannon Chin.