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How to Use Costume Pieces Multiple Ways

October means all things Halloween and if you like going out for Halloween or Halloweekend, you might not want to wear the same costume multiple nights in a row. But you also probably don’t want to spend a fortune for just one weekend. Here’s some ways you can create multiple costumes from the same costume pieces!


Mermaid leggings: The Little Mermaid & Aquaman

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The Little Mermaid

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wear a purple top (or a purple bra) with your scaled leggings and you have an Ariel costume!



Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wear a gold or yellow top with your scaled leggings for an Aquaman look! You can also add a stylized letter A to a belt if you feel like putting in a little more effort.


Pink dress: Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory & Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls

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Dee Dee

Photo Source: SketchPort

Pair a pink dress with white tights and put your hair in pigtails for a Dee Dee costume. Bonus points if you go with a friend dressed as Dexter!



Photo Source: DeviantArt

Tie a black belt or scarf around your waist and put a red bow in your hair for this easy costume! You can get your friends to dress as the other Powerpuff Girls for a group costume.


Black and white striped shirt: Burglar/Cat-Burglar & Mime

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Cat Burglar

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Put a twist on a classic by adding cat ears! Wear your striped shirt with black pants, a hat, and a bag with a dollar sign on it.



Photo Source: Pixabay

Paint your face white (or with an ultra-light foundation) with a bold red lip for a mime look! You can also add suspenders or a red scarf to add to the look.


Green cargo pants & black shirt: Kim Possible & Katniss Everdeen

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Kim Possible

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

You can buy a cropped shirt or just tuck it up to get the Kim Possible look!


Katniss Everdeen

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wear a pair of boots and put your hair in a braid for this look! You can wear a brown or black leather jacket or a black rain jacket to finish off the costume.


Black wig: Snow White & Mia Wallace

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Snow White

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

Go all out or simply pair a blue shirt with a yellow skirt or pants for this classic character!


Mia Wallace

Photo Source: PhotoPin

Add a white collared shirt and some fake blood for this iconic look.

Photo Source: Pexels


Have fun this Halloween!

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