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How Sustainable is Rutgers University?

Do you know how Rutgers is doing its part to help the environment? Here are more reasons to be proud of Rutgers!

Solar Panels


Have you seen the solar panels around Livingston? They are quite difficult to miss. On a sunny day, the amount of energy generated is enough to power the entire Livingston campus! It is incredibly impressive when you think about all the lights that are always on in hallways, buildings, and even lining the streets on campus.


The Business Building


The heating and cooling system in the Business School uses water pipes that run under Livingston, especially the grassy area across from the Plaza!


The Academic Buildings


The Academic Buildings are LEED certified. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Not only are the buildings designed for learning, but also with sustainability in mind. You can witness it for yourself with the many glass windows that let in natural lighting and hand dryers in the bathroom. Find out more at www.rutgersleed.com!


Compost & The Harvest Cafe


Tucked away on Cook Campus is a small compost bin that you can bring your compost over to reduce food waste! On the way back, feel free to stop by Harvest Cafe, which serves local, nutritious, and sustainable food in the New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health. They also have compostable straws and use environmentally friendly packaging for your food.

Wynne is a double major in Art History and Medieval Studies. In her free time she loves to play the piano and chess. This school year she will be dividing her time between working on her thesis, trips to museums, and serving as a lifeguard for Rutgers.
Part grandma who enjoys baking, knitting, cats, and scarves while also part child who still can't handle anything remotely scary and always needs a blanket.
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