How To Stay Motivated This Finals Season

It’s almost the beginning of May, which for Rutgers students means it’s the beginning of finals season. The thought of spending hours studying and writing papers is daunting, so it can be hard to stay motivated the entire week. However, with these simple tips, you will be able to power through and hopefully ace your finals this semester!

  1. 1. Space Out Your Studying

    It’s easy to procrastinate studying until the last minute, but studies have found that studying in short sessions over a longer period of time is more beneficial than cramming. Even though it might be hard, just crack open your textbook and study a chapter or two each day. Not only will you remember the material better, but you’ll also be more motivated and refreshed because you won’t need to pull an all-nighter the night before your exam.

  2. 2. Learn Through Different Mediums

    Even as someone who loves reading, the thought of staring at a textbook for hours is enough to bore me to tears. Instead of reviewing for finals through one medium, such as reading a textbook or going through Powerpoint slides, try learning through different ways. For instance, try finding a YouTube video on a concept you want to remember, or use Quizlet to learn vocabulary through games and interactive activities.

  3. 3. Exercise Often  

    According to The New York Times, studies suggest that exercising may play an important role in learning. In experiments with mice, those who ran on spinning wheels after learning a new skill retain the information much better than sedentary mice. Exercising while studying might seem like a waste of time, but even a few minutes of jumping jacks or running in place will do wonders to motivate you and help you to remember all the material needed to ace your exam.

  4. 4. Find Your Perfect Study Spot

    One of the great things about Rutgers is that since it’s so large, there are countless study spots with different ambiances. There are some people who work best with background noise, so if that’s the case for you, definitely head to bustling coffee shops or libraries to study. If you prefer silence, there are many hidden spots at Rutgers where there’s no one around, such as the basement of the Art Library on the College Avenue campus or Library of Science and Medicine on Busch campus.

  5. 5. Reward Yourself

    After an intense study session, the most important thing you can do is reward yourself with a small treat. Whether it’s heading to a bakery for a snack or taking a few minutes to put on a face mask, rewarding yourself will allow you to stay motivated during finals week and give you some much needed relaxation.


Finals season is rough, and it can be hard to stay motivated when you have several finals lined up that count for a huge percentage of your grade. By utilizing better study habits, exercising, and remembering to treat yourself, though, you will not only learn better but also not be as burnt out by the end of finals week. Overall, good luck - let’s get this bread, Rutgers.