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How to spend Spring Break on a small budget

Updated Published
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Rutgers chapter.

You’ve heard enough about your friend’s plans to go to Mexico over spring break and you can’t help but feeling annoyed that you are stuck at home the whole week with a college student’s budget. Don’t let the small amount of cash in your pocket prevent you from enjoying your much deserved time off from school! Consider the following ideas to have fun this spring break without becoming further in debt!

1.     Meet up with your high school friends: Now is the time to catch up with your “old” friends! Spend time together hanging out at the local hangouts, go to the mall, or see a movie and spend significantly less money than a trip to the Caribbean would require.

2.     See a movie: Have Optimum Rewards? See any movie playing in Clearview Cinemas for free by showing your rewards card.

3.     Read a book: Take time to chill out and read the book that you have always wanted to read, but could never find time to during the semester. Check out Elle’s pop culture section to find the latest good books; http://www.elle.com/Pop-Culture/Movies-TV-Music-Books.

4.     Go running:

Enjoy the weather as the temperature rises and keep your mind set on that bikini you plan on wearing in a few months!

5.     Plan a summer vacation: Brainstorming some summer plans with your friends can motivate yourself to save money during spring break so that your excursion to the islands in the summer will come reality!

6.     Sign up with a college-student discount program: Register your debit/credit card with a program such as Edhance or Upromise. As you spend money on popular stores, such as Gap and Barnes and Noble, a percentage your bill is sent back to you! Check out the endless amount of participating companies at http://www.edhance.com.