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How to Deal with Clowns on Halloween

So as everyone knows, there have been creepy clowns appearing all over the US, claiming to lure children into the woods. No one knows exactly why these people are dressed as clowns or what their intentions are, but they are obviously creepy and have potential to be harmful. There have even been reports of clowns appearing all over Rutgers, by the Passion Puddle, College Ave, and even Livingston. With Halloween coming up in two weeks, there will be students dressed up as clowns as a joke to scare people. Here is some advice if you do see clowns around Rutgers on Halloween.

First, if you are going out to a party, never go alone. Keep those few close friends who you trust by your side to watch over you and vice versa, even if you go in a big group. Always be alert of your surroundings and don’t let your mind wander off, even if you are having a fun time on Halloween. If you do see a clown around campus, don’t make any eye contact. That way you give off the impression that you aren’t looking for any trouble. But if you see a student dressed as a clown doing something suspicious, try to take a picture or video for proof. There have been stories of people reporting clowns without any proof who have gotten in trouble with the police. Then, go off to a safe place and dial 911 to inform the police.

Even though the clowns are appearing all over and there have been reports, no one should be in any danger, especially during a holiday. Holidays are the days for students to take a break from the stress of schoolwork and to have a fun time. Rutgers students, please do not dress up as clowns for Halloween and try to scare other students. While you might think it is funny, there are actually deranged people out there dressing as clowns who could potentially harm innocent people and you could get in trouble with the law. Everyone stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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