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Hot Guy on Campus

Hot Guy on Campus
Major: Triple major in Good Looks, Maturity and Excellent Social Skills
Hobbies: Playing soccer, tossing football with the guys, surfing, playing guitar, making people laugh
Favorite food: My mom’s pasta and meatballs
Should girls play hard to get?  Competition makes things interesting, but there are limits.  Let guys know you are interested.
Dream Job: I’d love to be an international newscaster.  I could travel the world, meet new people and learn a lot at the same time.
What girls should know: Confidence in a girl is really attractive.
Fun fact: I skipped the 2nd grade. 

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Olivia is an editorial assistant at The Record, New Jersey’s second largest daily newspaper and contributing writer for GoKicker.com. She’s a former BBC Travel intern and a proud Rutgers alum. She studied journalism, media studies, and English at Rutgers, where she was managing editor of the daily student newspaper and founding Campus Correspondent of HerCampus.com/Rutgers . She was also on the rowing and triathlon teams. Dogs, summer, and DIY projects are up there on the list of her much-loved things in life. Follow: @OlivePretzel.
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