Halloween Movies We Love To Binge Watch

We survived midterms and to celebrate, we’re binge watching all of our favorite Halloween movies this weekend. Here is a roundup of our favorite Halloween movies here at Her Campus Rutgers:

1. Halloweentown and Halloweentown II - Double Feature

     Who doesn’t love a Disney Channel Original Movie? Halloweentown has and always will be one of the best Halloween movies to kickstart spooky season. After all, Marnie said it best, “ Halloween is cool.” You could sit and watch each of the four movies in this series back to back or even pick your two favorites for a double feature. Honestly, we still can’t decide which movie is the best out of all of them.


2. Hocus Pocus

     All week we have needed some hocus pocus of our own to focus on studying for exams. It’s hard to ever forget about this Halloween movie essential, because it’s not really Halloween unless this movie is played at least twenty times. This film follows our favorite three witches on a Salem, MA Halloween night and leaves the audience with the desire to be as adventurous as they are. Hocus Pocus recently celebrated its 25th anniversary since its release on Freeform with appearances from prestigious Disney figures such as Jordan Fisher and Vanessa Hudgens.          


3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

     Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? No one really knows. What we do know, however, is that this is a classic movie for the October through December season. Produced by Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas introduced popular Halloween songs to date such as This is Halloween. BRB as we go sing our hearts out.


4. Twitches & Twitches Too

     “Twins? Witches? Twitches!” This movie is one of our all time favorites because of the storyline. Twitches and sequel Twitches Too has a not-so-classic twist of having a long lost twin sister who you can share your magical secret with. This movie is best to watch with your girlies and it is sure to bring out all kinds of festive and emotional moods. It will make you both cry and laugh, and not to mention it’s great for some sisterly bonding with your siblings or roommates. Twitches is a movie that can brighten up anyone’s day. And what’s even better? There’s a part “too” to keep the fun going all night long!


5.  The Addams Family

     Everything about this movie is iconic. Wednesday with her deadpan humor and dialogue will forever be a mood. Morticia Addams constantly serves gothically chic looks throughout the movie. Not to mention the love and devotion Morticia and Gomez have for each other is the ultimate #couple goals. The Addams Family is definitely a classic, and it’s hard to not watch this movie and simultaneously laugh and covet the characters' amazing style every year without fail.


6. The Exorcist

     Okay, we admit this has a reputation of being one of the scariest movies of all time. It’s great to watch around Halloween, because The Exorcist is sure to get your adrenaline running. It’s impossible to not be scared. This 1973 supernatural horror film is deemed so terrifying that some people have had physical reactions to the horror and reportedly fainted from the terror. If Halloween is all about horror, then this movie is an essential film to watch during this time of year.


7. The Halloween Series

     The Halloween franchise has produced eleven films so far. The most recent film in this series was released in theaters just a couple of weeks ago. These movies follow the menacing killer Michael Meyers as he goes on a killing spree on Halloween night. BEWARE Some of the imagery throughout the film will definitely send shivers down your spine.


8. Paranormal Activity

    One of the first movies that come to our minds when people mention horror films was Paranormal Activity. The movie focuses on a young couple being haunted by a supernatural presence living in their house. They install cameras in all the corners of their house to film the ghosts’ actions, and terror ensues. Paranormal Activity is portrayed as documentary, adding to the viewer’s own horror by making them believe that everything occurring in the movie happened in real life.


9. BeetleJuice

   We always found this movie a little bewildering; we never really knew what was going on most of the time. Honestly, we still find this movie kind of strange but can’t deny how entertaining it is to watch. The costumes and set designs are eccentric and weird, making for fascinating and whimsical scenes. There are also surprisingly good special effects for a movie released in 1988, some that might even spook you. The singing and dance numbers are super catchy and just an added bonus. This is a great movie to talk and comment about while hosting a movie night with your friends.


     Before spooky season comes to an end we challenge you to watch some of our favorite movies! Tell us what you think of them by mentioning us on Twitter & Instagram with your thoughts. We’d also love to hear what your spooky movie recommendations are as well.