Halloween Group Costumes for 2019

Midterm season is nearing an end, and it’s time to celebrate with Halloween being right around the corner. If you’ve been as busy as I have and haven’t given much thought into what you and your girl gang will be wearing this year, I’ve got you covered with five super cute group costumes for you and your friends.

  1. 1. Superheroes

    These past few years have produced a slew of live-action Marvel and D.C. movies, including Avengers, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman. Therefore, the perfect group costume is a mix of the superheroes and villains that have graced the big screen. You can either DIY your own outfits or buy them online, and you can watch one of the many makeup tutorials on YouTube for flawless makeup.

  2. 2. Bachelor Contestants

    Grab your old prom and formal dresses for this costume! When you're wearing your best dresses and full-glam makeup or your nicest tuxedos, all you need are the iconic red roses that make a Bachelor ceremony, which you can purchase at your local craft store. For added effect in pictures, you can pretend to be crying as your friend gets the final rose and the ring, or you can stand with your ladies as you all advance to the next round. It’s up to you!

  3. 3. Riverdale Cast

    Riverdale is known for its classic characters, and luckily, their looks are very easy to recreate for Halloween. For Betty Cooper, a classic preppy look paired with a high ponytail is necessary. For Veronica Lodge, a plaid skirt, collared shirt, and pearl necklace will suffice. Cheryl Blossom is simple to pull together: wear your favorite red clothing piece and bright red lipstick. For Archie Andrews, a casual look can be completed with a varsity jacket and a football. Lastly, for Jughead Jones an all black look, leather jacket and a beanie will do the trick. If you have a bigger friend group, the River Vixens cheerleading squad can be created by wearing a white and yellow Raglan baseball shirt, black shorts, and knee-high socks, while the SouthSide Serpents can be recreated by wearing a lot of leather and plaid.

  4. 4. The 4 Seasons

    This costume requires you to show your creative side. For a group of four, each friend can go as a season: Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. You can dress in pastels for Spring and add fake flowers to your clothes and hair. For Summer, bright colors and an overall beachy look will exemplify the season. For Fall, Earthy tones and fake colored leaves will make you look the part, and for Winter, you can wear blues and whites, and do your makeup to look very icy to achieve an overall frosted look.

  5. 5. Your favorite Vines/Memes

    This one is very low-budget and perfect if you are in need of a last minute costume. Recreating most of your favorite Vines and memes requires you to really play the part as you mimic iconic one-liners and pose for pictures.

You and your friends will rock this Halloween as you try out these costumes. Remember to take tons of pictures, and have a great time celebrating the spooky festivities.