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Halloween Costumes Our Parents Made Us Wear That We Hated

Now that we’re older and a little more wiser, we really can’t believe some of the Halloween costumes our parents forced us wear when we were growing up. Unbeknownst to us, we would look back on these costume ideas and pictures (if we haven’t tried to get rid of them already) in the future and wonder why our parents ever thought some of these were good ideas. Here’s a highlight of some of the most cringe-worthy Halloween costumes we wished we never had to wear.


A Large Smiley Face


My mom hates Halloween, and by hate, I mean she abhors it! She has always been one to shy away from scary Halloween costumes also known as the cool witch or wizard, pirates, vampires, and ghoul costumes other kids would come in wearing. Instead, for Halloween one year she dressed me down in the biggest smiley face costume you could imagine. I was basically floating in the suit and absolutely hated it and the idea of going to school with that costume on. I kept insisting that the point of Halloween was to be scary and dress up as a monster or something cool from the Goosebumps series, but sadly there wasn’t much a young Kindergartener could do.

A Bumblebee


“What’s wrong with being a bumblebee?” Try being a bumblebee for four consecutive Halloweens. Yes, you read that right. My parents, specifically my mother, made me be a bumblebee for four years straight. Still to this day they aren’t quite sure why they put me through this torture. My mom said she found it to be a super cute costume. I remember one year I asked to be a ladybug, but it never happened! I will always despise this bumblebee costume because it made me so much bigger than I actually was. To make matters worse it was also a hand me down from my sister. It’s crazy to think that I still have this costume in my house, but I am in no way ever putting my daughter in it.

A Cow

(Catherine Nguyen)

First things first, I’m not a huge fan of farm animals (with the exception of horses). I was a diehard horse girl, and so I really wanted to be a horse for Halloween when I was younger. For some reason though, my mom thought it was a good idea to dress me up as a cow instead. Looking back on this costume now, it’s so much worse because there’s also a face of a cow on my stomach in addition to the hood, which honestly made no sense then and still doesn’t now.

Our parents may have meant well at the time and even though that some of these costumes were cute, but we definitely hated wearing a few of these as kids and are glad to never have to wear any of them ever again. On the positive side though, at least they helped us get some free candy from trick-or-treating! Although it is unknown whether any of that was actually festive candy or sympathy candy. And now that we’re grown college students, we’ve definitely learned from our parents’ mistakes and will never wear a bad Halloween costume again, right?


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