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Girls Helping Girls: Charities to Donate to this Women’s History Month

This month is Women’s History Month, which means acknowledging the achievements of women throughout the years to both honor the past, and provide a guideline to girls for the future. This includes the women whose voices may not have been heard, or the women who need support from others in order to succeed and reach their full potential. There are many charities that aim to use funds, government action or education to help women in a variety of ways across the world. Here are a list of incredible charities that support women that you should consider donating to this Women’s History Month:


“Her name became a number. Her number became our name.” This was the inspiration for Love146, which was founded in 2002 by four individuals who traveled to Southeast Asia to see how they could combat sex trafficking. They witnessed in person the horror of children being sold for sex. Those girls were subject to being reduced to numbers, labels that allowed others to identify them. One girl’s number was 146, who the founders remembered because of her “piercing gaze” and “fight left in her eyes”. Sex trafficking is one of the worst crimes done to humans, especially children, and this organization works to eradicate sex trafficking by educating, building places of refuge and providing care for survivors.

Girls Who Code

As someone majoring in STEM, there is definitely still a gap when it comes to science and math classes. Girls Who Code, which was founded by Reshma Saujani, aims to achieve equality in computer science by 2027. By offering learning opportunities for girls, connecting Girls Who Code alumni with students, and overall building a sisterhood for women in STEM, this organization is super important especially with the rise of technology in the modern age. Technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the nation, but men continue to dominate the field, and Girls Who Code aims to change that.

Dress for Success

An employer’s first impression of someone is their appearance, and a huge part of that is how they dress. Dress for Success aims to empower and support women by giving them professional attire so that they can thrive in the workplace. The organization, which was founded in 1997, is currently operating in more than 30 countries and has helped more than 1 million women around the world. By either donating any professional gently used clothes you have, or just cash, you would be helping other women to achieve success in their daily and professional lives.

Girls Not Brides

12 million girls are married before they turn 18, many of them against their will. After they are married, many of these girls are prevented from proper healthcare, education and other opportunities. These girls are also often subject to violence, and can end up being trapped in a cycle of poverty because of the marriage. Girls Not Brides takes a multifaceted approach to the problem, including government, the global community, funding, partnerships and education to address child marriage. Not only will donating help to end child marriage, but it will help girls to reach their full potential.

Helping Women Period

Many homeless or low-income women are unable to afford tampons or other menstrual products, and Helping Women Period aims to assist those women. Unfortunately, even though tampons are a health necessity, they aren’t covered by SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or other welfare programs. Founded in 2015 by two women, the organization holds fundraisers to raise money, and helps to distribute feminine hygiene products. However, anyone can get involved by either donating products or money to the cause!

Hopefully, this provides insight not only into the challenges that women face in the United States and in other countries, but also ways that people are trying to solve these problems as well. While these charities operate in different ways and for different reasons, all of them aim to make the lives of women better. Unfortunately, not all women have access to proper education, menstrual products, professional clothes or even freedom. This Women’s History Month, I encourage you to not only look to the past, but also do good for the present so that women can have a better future by donating or volunteering for any of these charities.

Hey, my name is Catherine Nguyen and I'm an undergraduate student at RU-New Brunswick! I'm planning on double majoring in English and actuarial mathematics. I love 90's hip hop, pineapple pizza and reading.
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