Getting The Most Out Of Your Makeup Products Without Breaking The Bank

When you’re a makeup addict, it’s hard not to buy every new launch. But once the impulse subsides and you’ve already hit ‘submit order’ or swiped your card, you realize how many other products you already have. Don’t worry, though, there are many ways to get the most out of the using them for a different purpose than they were marketed for! Sure it’s an eyeshadow palette, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful for other parts of a makeup routine. Not only will these tips help you get the most of your products, but can also be great tricks for when you’re traveling and have limited space in your luggage.

Brow Products for Fake Freckles:

Fake freckles are a look that’s been trending for a while, and if you’re not sure what to use to achieve them or don’t want to buy a new product to try it out, brow products are great for achieving this look. Brow products mimic the color of freckles and can also make your freckles look more natural than using a brand new brown eyeliner. You can take a brush dipped into pomade and place them randomly on the bridge of your nose and cheek area. Even brow pencils would work by just tapping and twisting to get the product to show up. Now, you won’t have to worry about your pomade drying up before you can finish it all!


Eyeshadow for Practically Everything

Eyeshadows are really great to use universally; they really can be used for a variety of things if you have the right shade. Dark and light browns can be used to fill in brows. They’re also great for contouring or bronzing depending on the undertone. A pink, orange, or red shadow can be used for blush, just apply liberally if the shadow is very pigmented! Black shadows can be used to create a subtle smokey eyeliner and on packed onto the waterline.

Bronzer/Contour as Eyeshadow

If you’re in need for a transition shade for eyeshadow, bronzer and contour powders are great for this. Inconveniently, some eye palettes don’t come with many transitions shades. So, instead of buying a whole palette just for transitions shades, just use these products instead. They can also be worn alone on the eyes for simple makeup days when you just want a wash of color and some depth to your eyes.

Foundation to Tinted Moisturizer

If you’re feeling a light coverage kind of day and don’t want a full face of foundation, don’t go out and buy a tinted moisturizer. You can mix your foundation with your favorite moisturizer to get a DIY tinted moisturizer. Mixing the foundation with the moisturizer not only sheers out the coverage but it also hydrates the skin. This is a great way to use up your foundation before it expires and save your money and space from buying a whole separate product.  

Loose Highlighter for Strobing Cream

Many people love to use strobing creams on their face to give a fresh and all-over glow look. And if you’re a highlighter addict than me, this tip will help you make a dent in your collection. You can easily get creative and use loose highlighters of all different shades to achieve a different strobe effect on the skin. You can go from golden beauty to space alien cutie. All you have to do is add in a liberal amount of loose highlighter into a moisturizer and mix well. Then, just rub it into the skin and wallah, you’re now a glowing goddess!

Apply all of these tips and slowly but surely you’ll see your makeup collection get smaller. Plus, now you know some creative ways you can use your makeup products which can be handy when you're in a pinch and don’t have all your products or lack the space in your carry-on.