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Four Style Trends to Bring Fashion Week Closer to Home

This fall’s fashion week might be drawing near to its end but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean the same for the trends, styles, and outfits we saw this season both on the runway and on the streets. Take a look at our list of four of the most prominent Fashion Week trends you might want to try out yourself!


1. Basket Bags

Leather and suede aside, straw and basket bags have indisputably stolen the spotlight when it comes the roundup of handbag this season. With its 1950s vintage flair, these Jane Birkin inspired handbags are durable, versatile, and make for a perfectly chic accessory to have on a casual fall day out.  Find more inspiration here!


2. Velvet

As NYFW runway and street style roundups may suggest, this iconic 90s trend has made its comeback, quickly becoming a favourite texture worldwide. Throwing on a velvet article of clothing or accessory is a sure shot way to add an opulent, yet avant garde twist to your outfit and stay warm as the autumn breeze sets in. Check out more looks here!


3. Plaid Checks

Plaid and gingham prints may have been around since the 17th century. However, with its vibrant and edgy debut onto the runway this fall, channeling your inner school girl may have gotten tenfold interesting. Arguably the most versatile prints, plaid is an easy way to add a bit of twist to your everyday outfits, either by using a plaid skirt and solid collared shirt to dress it up or by throwing on a  simple plaid shirt and pair of jeans to dress it down. Find more ideas here!


4. Bell Sleeves

A staple seventies style, bell sleeves can add just the right touch of femininity and bohemianism to virtually any outfit. A versatile article that can be worn in multiple different styles and colors, bell sleeve tops are the perfect way to add a carefree and chic flair to your outfits this fall. Check out this link for more ideas!

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