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Female Empowerment: 10 College Girls Get Real About Things They’re Tired Of Hearing On Campus

When it comes to female empowerment, unfortunately, us girls can be our own worst enemy. From subtle shade (disguised as jokes), competitiveness in regards to guys, and even flat out saying rude things- these ugly habits can even occur within our own friend groups, whether we’re conscious of it or not. So, I asked 10 girls what they are sooo sick of hearing from other girls.  

1. Claiming “They Aren’t Like Other Girls”


“I feel like when girls say they aren’t like other girls, it’s stupid because you’re saying other girls are trash and you’re better in some way when you should be supporting women because you are one. We already have to deal with gender inequality, we don't need to tear down each other and add to it.”

- Jessica, IT Major, (Class of 2019)  

2. “I Hate When Girls ALWAYS Talk About Boys”


“I get really annoyed when girls just sit and talk about boys all day. What are your ambitions? Tell me about your family, your dog, your dreams, anything else! A little honorary mention of your man or men is cool, but what else sis?”

- Ariana, JMS Major (Class of 2020)

3. “Girls Assuming I’m Hitting On Them Because Of My Sexuality”


“I’m tired of hearing girls saying, “I’m not gay”  whenever I’m around them. They assume I’m into them because I’m bisexual."

- Alison, Journalism Major (Class of 2020)

4. “She Looks Better Without All That Makeup”


"I feel like most of the time it’s said in a condescending manner; like people just don’t want girls to wear makeup because it’s “deceitful.” It’s similar to someone saying, a girl is pretty, “But what does she look like without all that makeup?” As if they’re being lied to, but in reality makeup can enhance natural features and is used as art by many MUAs.”

- Jordyn*, Biology Major, (Class Of 2019)

5. “Shaming Girls For Their Body Type”​


“Girls body shaming other girls is frustrating because every body type is beautiful and we should uplift one another instead of tearing each other down. Every girl should feel confident in her body no matter what size they wear. We know how difficult it can be to love our bodies, and shaming others for how they look is hurtful and will not help us grow together as women.”

-  Alissa* Psychology Major, (Class of 2020)

6.  “I Wish I Could Be Like Her”


“I hate the fact that girls always say, “I wish I could be like her.” I believe everyone is unique and brings something different to the table. In addition, a lot of females post very unrealistic goals that sometimes influence other girls. As a result, they try to attain those goals; which are unattainable.”

- Kayla* (Class of 2019)

7. “Putting Down Guys For Being Sensitive"


“I don’t like when girls encourage men to vulnerable but then chastise them when they’re too soft. All over Twitter you see girls saying they want a man in touch with his emotions but then as soon as he lets them out he gets called soft by those very same girls.”

-Tamara, Biology Major (Class Of 2020)

8.  “I Thought You Were A B*tch Before I Got To Know You”


Just because someone looks intimidating, doesn’t mean they are a “bitch.” We shouldn’t be quick to make assumptions and automatically assign someone a personality trait, based on their looks.

- Vanessa, Tourism & Hospitality Major (Class of 2019)

9.  “I’m So Fat”


“One thing that personally bothers me that my friends say is the, “I’m so fat” comment, when they literally have little to no visible fat on their body. It bothers me because I’m the “fat friend” so it’s like sis some of us are actually fat, please stop.”

- Andrea* (Class of 2019)

10. Unnecessary Co*kblocking


“Me and my roommates were talking about how annoyed we are when girls tell other girls, “Don’t talk to him, he’s a hoe, player, etc,” when really they are saying it because they hooked up with him and got rejected or lowkey want him for themself.”  

-Wahana, (Class Of 2021)

So as you can see, we as women still have a pretty far way to go when it comes to lifting each other up, but the more we acknowledge the problems that arise amongst us women, the closer we are to becoming more effective support systems to one another! Positive vibes ONLY! We’re stronger together! <3


(* indicates names have been changed )

Ray Elise Rhodes is a Communication & PR major at Rutgers. Originally from San Francisco, California, she has completed several internships and programs pertaining to her career goals in journalism, content creation and digital marketing. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, modeling, and curating content on her Instagram page. She pretty much lives on social media, follows numerous news and entertainment Instagram accounts, and is on top of trending stories almost as soon as they happen. Ray has been an avid HerCampus reader since her senior year of high school and walked in two shows for HerCampus' College Fashion Week in 2017. Although her focus is in the entertainment industry, Ray also uses her various platforms to advocate for the black community, women of color, and other marginalized groups. For suggestions, hate mail, and/or compliments, send her a direct message on her Instagram or other social media accounts provided below.
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