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As it starts to get colder outside, we look inward to the home for comfort food that will satiate our shifting tastes. From even the smallest dorms to cozier apartments, every student looks for quick and easy recipes that fit our on-the-go college lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a warm soup or a crumbly cookie, these recipes will be sure to protect you from the cold.

Chocolate Chip Sugar-Cookie Hybrid

One of this season’s hottest trending recipes is a uniquely concocted cross between your classic chocolate chip cookie and the Pillsbury holiday cookies we all know and love. First stumbled upon by Pennsylvania baker Heather Heaney, this dessert is made simple enough for the fast-paced attention spans of busy college students. Click here to take a look!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a baking classic in any household. They are simple, versatile, and easy to bake for any occasion (or just to satiate a sweet tooth!). This helpful recipe gives you tips and tricks to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie for this fall, such as sifting the baking soda to eliminate lumps and making sure that both your butter and your eggs are at room temperature. Not to mention, this helpful article even gives you advice on what to do if something goes wrong with your recipe!

Pumpkin Brownies

Craving an even more savory dessert that screams fall? Look no further than these perfect brownies that ring in our favorite pumpkin flavors to celebrate the coming weeks. For an easy bake, use a brownie mix straight from the box (or go homemade if you’re looking for a challenge!) and combine it with a combination of pumpkin puree and spices as directed in the recipe with this link.

Pumpkin Overnight Oats

In the mood to spice up your usual overnight oats this season? Look no further than this delicious, creamy pumpkin pie version to stay healthy that adds an appetizing twist for the fall season! Whether served cold or warm, this incredible recipe will have you tasting and feeling like you’re having a freshly baked pumpkin pie served right in your kitchen!

Vegan Mac n Cheese

If you’re a fan of mac but not cheese, there is an alternative to this cult classic you can try that’s equally as delicious! This recipe gives you that creamy comfort food you’re looking for without the non-vegan prospects. Have a taste of the creaminess, cheesiness, and crunchiness from the baked bread crumbs on top! Whip up a bowl of this on a chilly fall night for a savory study buddy! 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

An undeniable favorite with no need for further introduction, the pumpkin spice latte admittedly has a hold on many of us. Every year, we impatiently wait for the fall season to taste the wonderful flavor of pumpkin spice at Wawa, or Starbucks! However, if you’re looking for a way to DIY this classic coffee drink, here’s a recipe that will do the trick— just make sure you’ll have access to a blender to mix everything together!

Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

Another cozy drink for fall comes in the form of pumpkin cream cold foam to add to any drink. If you’re looking for a homemade drink that’s lower maintenance than the previous recommendation, this one might be one to try. Featured by at-home barista Cosette via TikTok, this drink is sure to bring you a colder, but delicious twist on another pumpkin treat. Check out her TikTok here!


For those who can’t get enough of cinnamon sugar this season, this simple snickerdoodle recipe is for you! These cookies can be enjoyed year-round, but keeping this recipe on hand for both fall and winter festivities always seems to brighten up the season a little extra. Enjoy them right out of the oven for the warming experience during a chilly night. Visit this page on Allrecipes to get the full details.

Whether you’re a household baker, a stressed student looking to detox with fun recipes this fall, or both… we don’t judge! Add a bit of “treat” to your “trick” this autumn and refer to this list whenever you’re in need of a sweet or savory kick. You can thank us later!

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