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Essentials for the Rutgers Girl on the Go

Now that it’s finals season, every minute counts right up until day you finish your last exam and you are free until next semester. Here are the essentials you need in order to keep your life together and not waste any time.
Sleek kicks- It’s cold so you can’t use a bike (if you did before), at least without about fifteen layers of clothing.You know that the Rutgers buses come about every 10 minutes, so if you miss the bus, you miss minutes of class that could actually save you studying time. Bring in your kicks (that you can run shamelessly in or just show off). Nikes, Adidas, New Balance, Vans, any sneakers you like. (I personally like any in neutral tones.) They’re the perfect solution and are coming back in style, how convenient.
More fitness clothes- If you can actually find time to work out, kudos to you, I respect you greatly. This is mostly to be comfy while still looking chic (and making it easy to run to places and it goes well with the sneakers also maybe maybe it’ll be a little motivating to workout just maybe).
Portable charger-prob gonna use your phone often or not but either way phone is prob gonna die before you can return home to charge it. A normal charger works too. Or just leaving your phone on airplane mode during class if desperate.
Hair tie -when you’re busy, you’re busy. You don’t have time for hair to be annoying. Also makeshift bracelet if you can afford the cute nice kinds props to you.
Light laptop/tablet- So you can basically work anytime anywhere without weighing yourself down
Lanyard- A sturdy one that has all your keys with a carabiner so you can attach it anywhere if necessary or throw it in your bag while still having a natural handle for easy access. Also it’s really fun to just play with and swing around.
Phone wallet clutch- Easy access again, and it contains all you will ever need going anywhere.
School apparel and joggers- This goes along with that sport-chic vibe again. It’s also hella comfortable, and if something has “Rutgers” or just an “R” on it, you are fully justified in wearing it.
And there you have it! Some tips and tricks for surviving the day, especially as finals creep by. Now conquer those exams!
Part grandma who enjoys baking, knitting, cats, and scarves while also part child who still can't handle anything remotely scary and always needs a blanket.
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