Empower Yourself Through Music

There’s no other type of song that gets you more hyped up than a feminist anthem. These songs should get you empowered to face the world with a new attitude!

  1. 1. "Invitation" by Ashnikko ft Kodie Shane

    You may have heard about Ashnikko through Tik Tok. “STUPID” ft. Yung Baby Tate has been making its rounds as the go to Tik Tok song. However, I feel as though “Invitation” brings forward a more important message to everyone. “Invitation” is about how no matter what you wear or how you act, there is no reason someone should believe that you’re asking for is sex. Hence, “this is not an invitation” refers to those who make advances when they shouldn’t. You don’t need a reason to say “no”, “no” is reason enough.

  2. 2. "That Bitch" by Bea Miller

    Bea Miller is a young female artist known for being on the X-Factor. She has grown to become a great musician and female role model. In many of her songs, she takes up the concepts of feminism and self-love. “That Bitch” is one of those many songs that tackle society’s double standards and rules placed on women. She sings about how when a woman talks honestly and assertively, she is thought of as a bitch, while a man who asserts himself the same way is thought of as a leader. Never let someone calling you a bitch for being bossy stop you from achieving your goals.

  3. 3. "Strip" by Little Mix ft Sharaya J

    Little Mix is known for their feminist anthems! Songs like “Power” and “Wasabi” are some of my favorite songs that make me feel invincible. I chose “Strip” to be on this list because I believe this is a song every girl should hear. I’m sure most of us have felt differently about our bodies. Some of us may have felt as though they were too big, and others may have felt they were too small. Little Mix talks all about body positivity in this song including various body types and races in their music video. Remember that whatever shape, size, or color you are, you are allowed to feel sexy and loved.

  4. 4. "Girls Gone Wild" by BananaLemon

    BananaLemon is a Japenese girl group that shows great girl power. Comprised of different races and backgrounds, these four girls come together to make an empowering feminist anthem. “Girls Gone Wild” is a song about breaking boundaries and not letting anything get in your way. They talk about how they are going to take over the world with their girls behind them. They talk about loving your color and the skin you’re in. This song also encourages women to support other women, a message that we all need to learn.

  5. 5. "Woman" by Kesha ft The Dap-Kings Horns

    Kesha as an artist and as a woman has been through a lot. When she came out with “Woman,” it automatically became my feminist anthem. She came back stronger and healthier, and this song represented that. “Woman” is about being powerful and empowering. She goes against stereotypes about being a female and needing a man by her side. She sings about being independent and living life her own way. I think it’s a wonderful message to put out in the world, as well as a fun song to dance too. We are women and we are proud to be!

I love to hear empowering messages towards women in songs. I believe that we should have more feminist anthems coming out! As females, we face many issues and judgments from society and from ourselves. Music like this can help us overcome those challenges. They can make us feel like the strong and powerful females that we are. I hope that you enjoyed some of these songs and that they end up on your playlist!