Egg Decorating

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With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to prepare those decorated eggs! Here are a few easy tips to get fun and really cool eggs!



You can use any kit you want and still get great colors. To make a really nice vibrant colors that won’t run, vinegar is perfect. Just add a tablespoon of vinegar and the color tablet of choice to a glass of water.


Forget the clear crayon!

Every kit comes with a standard clear wax crayon, and it's great for some decoration, but you don’t have to only use it. Permanent marker is great for eye decorating and doesn’t run as long as you let it dry before dying it. If you do prefer crayons, try different colors, they create really interesting designs when combined with different color dyes.



Small ink stamps are perfect for cool patterns. This is also really great if you don’t like drawing. Stamps should be applied after dying the egg.


Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are a great way to get interesting colorful striped patterns on eggs. Wrapping an egg in rubber bands and dying it several times gives several layers of colorful stripes, for a more modern looking egg.



Sponging an egg with dye can create a soft watercolor effect. This technique however requires lots of patience since the sponging can be easily smudged.


Temporary Tattoos

Got any temporary tattoos sitting around? They also work on eggs, and are great for super easy fun decorations!


The most important thing about decorating eggs though is to just have fun!


Here are some examples!